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Platform Trolleys & Roll Cages

To assist with transporting heavy loads of materials or products about your business we offer an impeccable variety of platform trolleys, roll cages, lifting tables and stainless steel platform trucks. Complementing the range, we also offer a selection of step units, to aid with order and stock picking, stock rotation and general working at heights. Perfect for use across a number of industries including food manufacturing, retail, catering, textiles and pharmaceuticals and of course import, export and distribution, our range of platform trucks and trolleys and roll containers provide excellent storage and handling attributes to a host of applications.

Platform Trolleys

Our range of platform trolleys include both powder coated steel and stainless steel platform trolleys. Available with numerous different numbers of steel mesh sides, our powder coated platform trolleys offer perfect solutions for stock handling and order picking applications. The powder coated steel platform trolleys are also available in a variety of colours, allowing you to conform to department colour coding. Both the stainless steel and powder coated versions are ideal for use in general manufacturing and retail due to their hard wearing attributes, however the stainless steel platform trolleys offer increased hygienic values, perfect for hygiene sensitive applications such as within the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Alongside these platform trolleys we also supply a number of multiple shelf stainless steel trolleys.

Stainless Steel Platform Trucks

Easily cleaned and impeccably hygienic, our stainless steel platform trucks are ideal for carrying loads of food ingredients or products within busy food manufacturing or pharmaceutical establishments. Their heavy duty nature and stainless steel construction allows the platform trucks to be used time and time again reliably without the risk of rust or corrosion. With ample choice of different sizes and different numbers of sides, these stainless steel platform trucks can be used for numerous applications and different sized loads.

Roll Cages

Roll cages or as they are often called, roll containers, are seen on almost every level of industry throughout the UK and Europe, including textiles, recycling, food production, retail and distribution. We offer a range of nestable roll cages and demountable roll cages to aid in storage and distribution of goods. Produced from a durable zinc coated steel the roll containers are both space saving due to their demounatable and nestable attributes, but also with a selection of different numbers of sides available, you are sure to find a roll cage that suits your requirements.

Step Units

Providing safe and secure raised levels to work at, our variety of step units offer a multitude of traits for use within numerous environments. Perfect for hygiene sensitive environments, such as food manufacturing facilities and pharmaceutical plants, our plastic safety step is produced from a heavy duty food grade plastic. It is easily cleaned and maintained, ensuring a stable working platform from which to work from. Alongside the plastic safety step, we also supply a selection of kick steps, commonly seen throughout the retail sector, as well as a stainless steel step unit, perfect for stock picking and rotation within the likes of food production sites.

Lifting Tables

Lifting tables and scissor lift tables are commonly used in factories and warehouses across the retail and manufacturing industries. Providing a heavy duty, stable means for lifting heavy loads on a secure platform, our variety of lifting tables are perfect for hygiene sensitive environments due to their stainless steel construction. Ideal for the food manufacturing and pharmaceutical sectors, these stainless steel hydraulic lift tables offer an exemplary means for transporting and raising heavy loads of products with ease.

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