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The RotoX brand is a guarantee of quality, introduced to assure our customers that the products they rely on are suitable for use in demanding food production environments.  Exclusive to Fletcher European, all rotoX professional products are manufactured to high standards in our UK factory using food grade certified materials.  Fletcher European is the home of rotoX and the sole supplier of this unique quality focused brand


Fletcher European was founded in 1994 to manufacture a range of moulded plastic containers for the food industry. Today our products are used widely in food processing, laundries, hospitals, hotels, engineering, the textile trade as well as general manufacturing and warehousing. We produce our range of material handling products to the highest standards and our strict quality procedures ensure customers only receive outstanding products from Fletcher European.

Our extensive product range has been developed over many years, introducing new products to satisfy the demand of the market place. We offer products that are used across many different industries, although our primary focus remains on the industrial food production and catering sectors:

Plastic Containers – We offer an extensive range of plastic containers, suited to different applications. General storage, warehousing, production and distribution, we aim to offer a diverse range of options well suited to each individual job. For example we offer euro stacking boxes perfect for industrial storage, stack /nest baskets for distribution and hygienic Hygibox for demanding food production environments.

Ingredient Storage Systems – We understand the importance of correctly storing ingredients, we offer a range of options that strike the perfect balance between secure storage and accessibility for use. Our range is made up of different sizes and designs to best suit your application, all manufactured from food grade material.

Bins & Tanks – Our range of bins and tanks include a number of different tried and tested product ranges, all produced in hard wearing plastic. Our stacking bins are popular with bakeries, whilst our tapered bins and rectangular tanks lend themselves to many different applications. We offer lids and dollies to work with most of the sizes, with a wide range of colour options to choose from.

Mobile Containers & Trough Units – Our range of mobile containers, plastic troughs and chassis trucks are made from food grade approved plastics, making them suitable for storing raw produce, liquids and other ingredients. Mobile containers are especially versatile and are used across a wide range of sectors, from industrial sites to schools and hospitals.

Wheeled Dollies & Handling – To complement our food grade containers we manufacture and sell a wide range of steel and plastic dollies in a number of dimensions and sizes. We offer a particularly extensive range of plastic dollies, with options to suit most standard container sizes, all specifically designed for use in the food industry. We also offer handling trucks to take the strain and offer an efficient way to move heavy loads.

Lockers & Shelving – Suitable storage is key to any business, keeping stock, components, materials or possessions safe, accessible and organised. We provide a range of lockers and shelving systems suited to different environments. Our range of Supertuff plastic lockers are manufactured in our Wellingborough factory, offering a hygienic and durable locker system.

Pallet & Pallet Boxes – We offer a range of bulk handling solutions, including pallet boxes, pallets and liquid handling bunds. Our range of plastic pallet boxes are made of robust plastic suited to storage and distribution applications. Plastic pallets come in euro and non-euro sizes with the ability to choose from a number of colours. We also stock IBC bunds and bunded pallets for hazardous substance storage in a safe and secure manner.

Brushes and cleaning – For many of our customers hygiene around the site is of paramount importance and our range of professional cleaning equipment provides the right tools for the job. With a huge range of brushes, squeegees and mops, all of which are designed to stand up to frequent use in demanding environments.

Utensils and apparatus – We offer a huge range of utensils and equipment for use in food production, catering and general production. Our range of utensils includes plastic scrapers, scoops, shovels, stirrers and paddles all available in a choice of colours. We also offer metal detectable utensils, produced in hygienic plastic but designed to be picked up in industrial metal detectors. In this section you will also find apparatus including weighing scales, thermometers and flooring.

Waste & Recycling Bins – Business and organisations tend to produce tonnes of waste compared to households and individuals, so efficient waste solutions are a must. We offer wheelie bins ranging in sizes’ from 80 litre wheelie bins to 1100 industrial wheelie bins. We also offer waste bins, recycling bins and even a range of grits bins to helps keep your site operational when the winter weather strikes.

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