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Euro Plastic Stacking Containers

Euro stacking containers or Euro containers are plastic boxes with a European standard size of 600x400, 800x600, 400x300 or 200x300mm. Fletcher European Containers are manufacturers of a range of Euro stacking boxes that are used throughout many different industries today. Designed to be durable and easily cleaned our variety of Euro stacking containers are used throughout food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, meat processing and fish processing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, engineering and electronics, warehousing and retail distribution, removals and logistics, waste and recycling and many more.

Euro plastic stacking containers are available in a wide range of sizes and formats including solid, semi-ventilated and fully vented or perforated containers. To assist with colour coding practices we stock a huge range of different coloured plastic crates and plastic boxes to ensure fast deliveries of orders. As a proud UK stockist of Schoeller Allibert Euro containers, confectionery trays, stack nest containers and tote boxes, we hold vast amounts of stock to offer you the best service possible.

A common trait throughout the range of European stackable plastic boxes is the standard, 600 x 400mm and 400 x 300mm sizes. These particular European standard sized footprints came about due to the requirements of European railway transport in the 1960's. Wooden pallets were required to specific dimensions to aid in loading railroad cars more efficiently and so the Euro standard 800 x 600mm and 1200 x 800mm pallets were devised. Since then, with standard sized Euro plastic pallets being used throughout Europe the specifications for Euro stacking containers was decided upon to utilise all of the pallet space and so 600 x 400mm, 400 x 300mm, 800 x 600mm and 200 x 300mm plastic containers have now become common place.

Our entire range of Euro stacking containers are manufactured from food grade plastic materials including polypropylene and polyethylene; and are designed to be as hygienic as possible, making light work of cleaning. To complement our wealth of stackable plastic boxes we also provide several plastic dollies and Euro plastic pallets to suit these 600x400 plastic containers, allowing safe and secure handling of large stacks of Euro plastic crates.

Introducing the HYGIBOX

The HYGIBOX range of plastic stacking containers is exclusive to Fletcher European Containers. Designed and developed by ourselves, we have engineered these hygienic storage containers to provide the food manufacturing and food processing, pharmaceutical and healthcare, meat processing and bakery industries with a stackable plastic box that is perfect for use within high care environments and clean rooms. Unlike standard plastic stackable containers the HYGIBOX is not injection moulded, rather it is manufactured via a rotational moulding process.

Due to being produced using a stress-free manufacturing process, these colour coded plastic containers do not deteriorate as quickly and prove to be a much more efficient plastic container for use within high risk environments. As standard Euro plastic boxes age their construction weakens and can crack, the degradation of which causes the plastic crates to create swarf (flakes) that can if unchecked, cause contamination to food products resulting in product recalls. The HYGIBOX however, due to its stress-free construction is a lot more durable and the risk of flaking or swarfing with these Euro containers is eliminated.

The HYGIBOX is a plastic stacking container with a dirt trap and crevice free design which enables them to be effortlessly cleaned. Perfect for storing or handling high risk products, such as meat, fish and poultry the HYGIBOX plastic stackable box range is available in a huge variety of colours, allowing for efficient colour coding and product separation. Drop on plastic lids are available for these 600x400 plastic containers and the entire range is also compatible with our Euro plastic dollies.

Euro stacking containers

Euro containers are plastic stacking boxes used for many applications within many industries including food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, meat processing and fish processing to name a few. A commonly used selection of 600x400 plastic trays include the UB904, UB905 and UB906 hygienic stacking containers. Often referred to as meat trays, fish trays or food stacking trays these Euro stacking containers are available in several colour coded options and are incredibly easy to clean. Compatible with our rotoXD91 which is a 600x400 plastic dolly, you can safely and securely handle large stacks of these plastic containers.

Offering several 600x400 plastic containers from stock, each in a range of colours, Fletcher European Containers holds vast quantities of solid and perforated plastic trays in stock for immediate dispatch. Including the 2A021, 2A022, 21013, 21014, 21033 and 06032, these Euro containers are all available in grey, red or blue straight from stock. Perforated containers like the 06032 plastic crates are commonly used for food handling and food storage due to their excellent drainage and airflow attributes. Ideal for handling fresh fruit and vegetables, perishable goods and fish, these European stacking trays are often called fish crates.

With a standard euro size of 400 x 300mm we have a selection of plastic euro stacking containers that are all compatible with our rotoXD91 plastic dolly, when placed in two side by side stacks. Both the 21020 and the 21030 stacking containers are prime examples. Suitable for food contact applications, for use as meat trays, fish tubs or ingredient storage for example, these food grade plastic crates are easy to handle and incredibly hygienic.

To complete the expansive range of Euro-sized plastic crates, we include a selection of 800 x 600mm sized plastic containers. These include the 21135, 21136, 21163, 21162, 21090 and 21091. Providing larger capacities for materials handling and product distribution these plastic bulk boxes are all equipped with easy to use handles and are compatible with our rotoXD40 hygienic plastic dollies.

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The RotoX brand is a guarantee of quality, introduced to assure our customers that the products they rely on are suitable for use in demanding food production environments.  Exclusive to Fletcher European, all rotoX professional products are manufactured to high standards in our UK factory using food grade certified materials.  Fletcher European is the home of rotoX and the sole supplier of this unique quality focused brand


Fletcher European Containers Ltd was founded in 1994 to manufacture a range of moulded plastic containers predominantly for the food industry. Today our products are used widely in food manufacturing, food processing, bakeries, meat, fish and poultry producers, the pharmaceutical industry, laundries and textiles, hospitals and healthcare, hotel, hospitality and catering, engineering and general manufacturing, warehousing and retail distribution. Our main portfolio of products include food ingredient bins, food ingredient tubs, food ingredient dispensers, food ingredient storage containers, premium tapered trucks, plastic dollies and a whole host of other sundry equipment for the food industry. Our food industry supplies are used by most major food brands and we are known for helping these businesses to meet the stringent demands of HACCP accreditation with a range of products that are available in up to 12 colours. We produce our range of material handling products to the highest standards and our strict quality procedures ensure customers only receive outstanding products from Fletcher European. In 2017 we launched the rotoX brand, guaranteeing premium quality throughout the products you so rely on and achieved ISO9001 accreditation.

Plastic Containers & Confectionery Trays – Plastic containers, boxes and crates are commonly used throughout a plethora of different industries for numerous applications. Within our extensive range of plastic boxes we have a vast array of different types of plastic crates, stacking containers and ingredient bins, so to make it simple we have seperated these plastic containers into several easy to navigate sub-categories. As a proud UK partner stockist of Schoeller Allibert plastic containers we stock huge quantities of Euro-sized stacking boxes (Euro stackers) in a number of different sizes, colours and formats. Popular within food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, distribution, removals, engineering and general industry the European stacking container, harnessing a standard European size, is a popular plastic stacking box for use in many applications. Our very own HYGIBOX range falls into our hygienic storage containers sub-section, offering the pinnacle of hygienic storage boxes. Manufactured from food grade polethylene plastic, the HYGIBOX and a number of our rotoX plastic containers incorporate hygienic designs that are crevice free and easily cleaned. A popular choice for supermarkets, retailers, farming, horticulture, textiles and grocery stores to name a few, our Maxinest bale arm crates are ideal for storing and distributing goods. Produced from a food grade polypropylene the bale arm baskets offer a stack/nest container that saves on huge amounts of space when in use or empty. Confectionery trays, bread crates, bakery trays and bread baskets are also stocked in large quantities in our UK warehouse. Perfect for food handling applications and within bakeries, our confectionery and bakery trays are ideal for the storage and distribution of baked goods, sweets and confectioneries. Providing an exemplary plastic box for use within removals, distribution, storage and event organisation our selection of attached lid containers are incredibly robust and very secure. Often called tote boxes, croc boxes or alligator crates these plastic storage crates can be supplied with optional labels and security seals. Our range of plastic containers, plastic boxes, plastic crates, plastic trays and plastic baskets is ever evolving so make sure you keep an eye out for new products being added on a regular basis.

Food Ingredient Storage Equipment – We know how essential effective ingredient storage can be and so we offer a variety of exemplary products to help. Within the rotoX range, our food grade plastic food ingredient dispensers and food ingredient bins are perfect for table top and mobile ingredient storage. Static food ingredient dispensers offer the likes of food manufacturing and catering industries food safe ingredient storage equipment. With clear PETG plastic flaps the plastic dispensers provide quick and easy access to ingredients contained and a 'fill from the top' design helps to keep food products fresher for longer. Each of the table-top and mobile ingredient dispense bins incorporate a hygienic design that is free from crevices and is easily cleaned. Our plastic inter-stacking bins help to save on essential storage space and are compatible with one of our plastic dollies. Available in a wide range of colours these plastic stackable tubs make for excellent ingredient storage and handling bins and are commonly used within bakeries, catering, fish and meat processing and many more industries. Food grade mixing bowls, produced in plastic or stainless steel and our range of sieve units are perfect for butchers and bakeries alike. Ideal for the catering industry and use within commercial kitchens we offer a variety of plastic airtight containers, ensuring products are kept fresh within storage. Finally to top off the range, we provide a selection of stainless steel tables and workstations, built to standard or bespoke requirements.

Plastic Bins & Plastic Tubs – Part of the rotoX range, our plastic inter stacking bins and tapered tubs are all produced from food grade polyethylene and provide excellent storage solutions for a host of applications. A popular favourite amongst the food manufacturing industry, used commonly within bakeries, butchers, sandwich makers, cheese makers and food processors the rotoXT stackable plastic bins all share an identical base diameter which makes them inter-workable. No matter the size, our plastic stacking bins can be used in conjunction with one another and the rotoXDSB plastic dollies, providing fantastic, hygienic and space saving storage and handling solutions. Often used as ingredient bins, the inter-stackable plastic tubs can be manufactured in a huge variety of colours to help with colour coding, product identification and segregation and they can also be modified to include tag slots and built in sieve mesh bases as well supplied with lids. Often known as chip bins or potato tubs the rotoX range of tapered bins have been used for many years within the fish frying and chip shop trades as well as within general industry, food manufacturing and engineering to name a few others. Tapered in design, these food grade bins can nest inside one another to save on space and they too are also compatible with some of our plastic and steel dollies. All of our plastic bins and tapered tubs are available in a wide range of sizes and colours, but we also provide a bespoke labelling service to help with product identification.

Plastic Tanks - Our range of heavy duty plastic tanks are designed for use within challenging industrial environments such as factories and warehouses. Produced using single one-piece moulds the plastic tanks are incredibly strong and incorporate a seamless and smooth interior, so they can be used to hold liquids and are often used as make shift decarbonising units within the food industry. The plastic tanks category also includes a range of chassis trucks that compliment the plastic tanks. Helping to increase their potential weight loading and making them mobile, the chassis trucks are made from stainless steel and so are easy to clean and highly durable. Available in 4 different standard sizes the stainless steel chassis trucks work with our food grade polyethylene plastic tanks to provide heavy duty storage and handling equipment. Plastic lids can be supplied with provide cover and protection for the chassis trucks contents and the heavy duty plastic tank can be fitted with optional drainage taps or bungs.

Plastic Mobile Containers – Plastic container trucks are used throughout a host of different industries, performing a huge variety of different tasks. Growing evermore popular within the likes of food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, engineering, warehouses, distribution, waste and recycling these plastic tapered trucks are all manufactured from food grade polyethylene. Incredibly versatile the plastic mobile bins are known by many names including tapered trucks, dough bins, flour bins, plastic mobile containers and plastic mobile container trucks. The premium tapered trucks are available in 8 different sizes, with optional lids, drainage taps and bungs, castor upgrades, plastic handles and labbeling available to them. Their food grade, seamless and watertight construction makes them essential to high risk environments such as food factories however we also offer a recycled plastic version of these mobile container trucks for non-food applications. Our Eco range of tapered trucks offers a cost effective alternative for the likes of waste and recycling, warehousing, laundrys and distribution. Our euro bins, or euro tote bins are a popular option for use within food manufacturing. Often used for mixing and storage of products, they are able to be fitted with lifting lugs and can easily be implemented into production lines. Commonly manufactured in stainless steel, our plastic equivalent helps to provide a colour coded option that is quieter and more robust when it comes to knocks and dents. Easy to handle the plastic tote bins are equipped with a handle and can be easily cleaned due to their smooth interior and exterior. To further compliment the range, our plastic flip top mobile bins offer excellent storage for ingredients and components and are a favourite amongst the catering industry. With hygienic crevice free interiors the mobile food ingredient bins offer quick and easy bulk storage and dispense and are often known as catering bins or flour bins. Our selection of bottle trolleys have become a nationwide favourite throughout the catering and licensed trades. Often seen in pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and at events the bottle trolleys are often known as bottle bins, bottle skips or bar trucks. Smooth and seamless the bar trucks are tapered and can be stacked and nested to save on space.

Trough Units & Chassis Trucks – Complete with stainless steel framework, our plastic trough units and chassis trucks are well equipped for use within challenging environments. Easily cleaned and maintained they are designed to be used for heavy duty industrial applications. Both of the chassis trucks and trough units can be modified to suit specific requirements, for example plastic drainage taps and bungs can be added. Spare plastic troughs and plastic tanks can also be supplied allowing a rotation of equipment within hygiene sensitive or high risk environments.

Plastic Dollies & Steel Dollies – Allowing you to effortlessly manoeuvre large stacks of various types and sizes of plastic containers, our plastic dollies all incorporate an extremely hygienic design. Built to suit specific applications, we offer a diverse selection of plastic dollies able to help with handling potentially heavy loads of euro stacking containers, bakery trays, bale arm crates and many more different types of storage container. Even if we don’t have the ideal plastic dolly to suit your application, we also provide a number of bespoke stainless steel dollies that will be perfect for your intended application.

Platform Trolleys & Roll Cages - Ideal for handling applications within hygiene sensetive environments such as food factories and pharmaceutical plants, we provide a range of stainless steel platform trucks and trolleys. Available in a wide selection of sizes with one, two, three or four mesh side panels, these stainless steel platform trucks are incredibly durable and impeccably hygienic. Alongside side the stainless steel option we also offer a variety of powder coated coloured steel platform trolleys in similar formats, offering a more cost effective solution for when stainless steel is not a requirement. Also in this section you will find our zinc plated steel roll cages (roll containers). Perfect for storage and handling applications within transport and distribution industries these hard wearing and reliable roll containers are available in a variety of different sizes to suit and almost endless list of requirements. Choose from demountable roll cages that can be collapsed down to save on space or nestable roll containers that fold up and nest on one another, helping to save on huge amounts of storage space on return journeys and when not in use. To aid in handling of bulky and heavy loads Fletcher European supplies a range of scissor lifting tables manufactured from stainless steel for use in high care environments. Easily operated these scissor lifts provide a safe means for handling and raising heavy loads up into or down from storage.

Lockers & Plastic Racking – Throughout most industries, storage is key and so we offer a number of storage solutions perfect for industrial and hygienic environments. Food grade plastic lockers offer a perfect solution for storage of personal belongings and equipment within the work place. Nigh unbreakable, easily cleaned and available in a number of different sizes and colours the plastic lockers are commonly seen throughout food processing, swimming pools, schools, leisure centres and many more environments. Alongside the plastic lockers we provide a number of steel lockers, first aid cabinets, PPE storage cabinets and stainless steel furniture. Our selection of food grade plastic racking also allows ideal racking and shelving solutions for use within numerous environments including cold stores and blast chillers.

Plastic Pallets & Plastic Pallet Boxes – Within our extensive selection of products we provide the essential means for storage and distribution applications. Our range of plastic pallets vary from solid deck hygienic models to open deck general storage options. Our plastic pallet boxes offer a variety of different sized storage solutions for use within racking. To compliment the plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes we also supply a number of pallet trucks, to help manoeuvring those heavy loads about the factory or warehouse. Also providing the necessary equipment for avoiding spills and hazards we offer a selection of IBC bunds and bunded pallets to help with storing liquids and chemicals.

Catering Equipment - Perfect for the catering industry, for use in pubs, restaurants, delicatessans and much more, we offer a selection of equipment that is ideal. Our caterbins, bottle skips and ingredient dispensers are used throughout the catering trade, proving to be reliable and durable storage and food handling equipment. We offer a huge variety of plastic and stainless steel scoops, as well as knives and chopping boards that can be produced to meet bespoke requirements.

Hygiene Equipment & Brushware – For many of our customers hygiene around the site is of paramount importance and our range of professional cleaning equipment provides the right tools for the job. With a huge range of colour coded brushes, colour coded squeegees and colour coded mops, all of which are designed to stand up to frequent use in demanding environments.

Utensils & Sundry Equipment – We offer a huge range of utensils and equipment for use in food production, catering and general production. Our range of utensils includes plastic scrapers, scoops, shovels, stirrers and paddles all available in a choice of colours. We also offer metal detectable utensils, produced in hygienic plastic but designed to be picked up in industrial metal detectors. In this section you will also find apparatus including weighing scales, thermometers and flooring.

Recycling & Waste Handling – Business and organisations tend to produce tonnes of waste compared to households and individuals, so efficient waste solutions are a must. We offer wheelie bins ranging in sizes’ from 80 litre wheelie bins to 1100 industrial wheelie bins. We also offer waste bins, recycling bins and even a range of grits bins to helps keep your site operational when the winter weather strikes.

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