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Mobile Container Trucks

Mobile container trucks (plastic tapered trucks) have rapidly become hugely popular pieces of mobile storage equipment across the food manufacturing industry and the likes of the pharmaceutical, retail, catering, laundry, textiles and the waste and recycling industries. The rotoX range of plastic products that is exclusive to Fletcher European offers a diverse range of plastic container trucks, providing ample solutions to a vast number of different applications.

Every one of our plastic mobile bins is manufactured via a rotational moulding process. This particular process of moulding plastic results in nigh unbreakable wheeled mobile containers that are built to last. The moulds used to produce the plastic container trucks are all single one-piece moulds, ensuring that each of the plastic tapered trucks is both seamless and watertight, which not only enhances their structural strength but makes them an incredibly hygienic solution that is straight forward to clean and maintain.

All of the heavy duty plastic container trucks can be produced in almost any colour required and they each have their own plastic lid option as well. The larger models can be fitted with plastic handles to help improve their handling and at the top of end of the scale, for example the rotoXM70 and rotoXM100 colour coded mobile cotnainer trucks, these are fitted with integrated plastic baseboards for even further added strength.

If we proceed through the range of durable mobile container trucks starting with the smallest, the rotoXM16 premium tapered trucks and rotoXM26 plastic mobile bins are sized ideally for under bench storage of ingredients, as catering bins (flour storage bins), off-cuts or waste to name a few. Both models of plastic mobile containers are a popular choice throughout the catering industry, used as caterbins / catering bins as well as well as large flour bins or dough bins.

The rotoXM29 straight sided mobile containers are perfect for use as small mobile holding tanks. Commonly used throughout the likes of the fish and chip trade their dimensions make fit for not only storing ingredients (flour bins) or produce but they also make for excellent make-shift decarbonising units.

Middle of the range we have the rotoXM30 and rotoXM45 plastic mobile bins. The first sizes of the variety of plastic container trucks we have to offer that are suitable for plastic handles to be fitted, these two models are excellent for use as collection bins within production lines, or even as small laundry trolleys.

The three largest sizes, the rotoXM50, rotoXM70 and rotoXM100 plastic mobile containers are all equipped as standard with integrated reinforced plastic baseboards, helping them to withstand the added stress of carrying larger and heavier loads. The rotoXM70 (dough bins) and rotoXM100 plastic mobile bins are commonly used for the storage of large amounts of produce as well as being a popular choice for the laundry and textiles industries. A popular choice within food manufacturing environments, the rotoXM70 is often used as a dough bin, storing dough as it airs and rises.

So whatever the application, Fletcher European has the plastic mobile bins to suit. From as small as the 72 litre capacity rotoXM16 all the way up to the 320 or 455 litre rotoXM70 and the rotoXM100, you are sure to find a premium quality industrial mobile container truck ideal for your requirement.

Think quality, think Fletcher European. Think rotoX.

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