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Plastic Mobile Containers

Ever versatile, our selection of mobile container trucks, euro bins, bottle trolleys and plastic tanks are all designed and manufactured to offer premium quality equipment. Used throughout a host of industries such as retail, food manufacturing, catering, pubs and restaurants these mobile storage solutions are exemplary solutions for a variety of applications. Proving to be reliable and durable the Fletcher European range of plastic mobile containers and tanks just may what you are looking for.

Mobile Container Trucks

The list of possibilities for the use of our mobile container trucks is endless. Used throughout retail, laundries, hospitals, warehousing, textiles, waste disposal and recycling, food production, catering and pharmaceutical industries to name a few, the plastic container truck has become a key piece of storage and handling equipment. Available in an array of different sizes to suit a huge number of requirements, these premium tapered trucks all share a simple yet incredibly hygienic design trait. Produced using a single mould, the plastic mobile bins are all seamless and watertight, making them effortless to clean. The plastic container trucks are available in an assortment of different colours to assist with colour coding, with or without drop on plastic lids and can be fitted with plastic handles to increase manoeuvrability and help improve handling.

Euro Bins & Tote Bins

Euro bins are a made to a standard specification and widely used across the food industry. Traditionally tote bins were always produced from high-grade stainless steel, with a standard size that allows them to fit into factory systems, production lines and be used on specialist lifting equipment. Here at Fletcher European we have developed and manufacture our own plastic euro tote bins. Mimicking the same basic dimensions of the stainless steel euro bins; our food grade plastic option can be supplied in a wide variety of colours allowing for production identification and segregation, especially ideal for high risk environments such as within food processing and pharmaceuticals. The plastic tote bins are also lighter than their stainless steel counterparts and so reduce noise within the factory or production facility.

Plastic Ingredient Storage Bins

Offering ideal lower level mobile storage solutions, perfect for food ingredients, parts, components and more, our food grade plastic ingredient storage bins provide long lasting and reliable storage equipment that can be simply wheeled away under work stations and tables. Incorporating a seamless and easy to clean interior these colour coded ingredient storage bins are extremely hygienic, making them an exemplary piece of equipment for use within the food and catering sectors. They are supplied complete with a lid and a clear food approved PETG plastic flap that allows quick and easy filling and dispensing of contents.

Bottle Skips

Plastic bottle bins, bar bottle skips or also known as bar trucks or bottle trolleys are commonly used throughout pubs and restaurants, or within the catering industry and hospitality for the collection and storage of used or empty glass bottles. Even though this is the typical use for them, the robust bottle skips also lend themselves well to many different applications, such as laundry collection or general storage. The plastic bottle bins feature a tapered inter-stacking design that allows them to nest inside one another, with an easy-release feature helping to save on storage space.

Stainless Steel Chassis Trucks

Finding that you need something stronger and more capable of handling extremely heavy loads? Our range of stainless steel chassis trucks offer hard wearing and incredibly strong alternatives for the storage and transport of heavy goods or products. Perfect for hygiene sensetive environments, such as within pharmaceuticals and the food production industries, the corrosion resistant stainless steel chassis frames combined wtih our food grade plastic tanks provide straight forward to clean equipment equipped for use in demanding environments.

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