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Steel Dollies

Displaying an impressive selection of stainless steel dollies as well as circular powder coated steel dollies, we aim to provide a variety of choice to help meet your individual requirements. Whether you are using the steel dollies within the food manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical trade or within retail, we have a selection of exemplary stainless steel dollies to help make storage and transportation of stacks of euro stacking containers or bale arm baskets an effortless task.

Designed to suit our range of plastic stacking bins our steel double dolly rotoXFDD is capable of handling up to two stacks of plastic inter-stacking bins at a time. With hygienic food grade plastic inserts the steel dollies are ideal of hygiene sensetive environments such as food or pharmaceutical factories.

The rotoXFQD further increases your ability to manouvre mass amounts of stackable storage bins, like our rotoXT01 about your workplace. Fantastically designed to be used as ingredient bins the plastic stacking bins along with these steel dollies would be perfect additions to any bakery or catering business.

Our RM30DYSS offer bespoke sized stainless steel dollies to suit any type of stack/nest trays or euro stackers. Please feel free to give our expert team a call to discuss your requirements. These stainless steel bespoke dollies are an ideal if you have specific or awkwardly sized plastic containers, making them a fantastic choice for all catering, food production or retail environments to name a few.

Included in the range of steel dollies is the rotoXD5 circular steel dollies. These dollies are available in six different sizes as standard, designed to suit the rotoX range of plastic tapered bins. The rotoXD15 and the rotoXD20 are extremely popular choices, designed to suit our rotoXB15 and rotoXB20 tapered bins that are commonly used throughout the fish frying trade as potato tubs.

If you are thinking stainless steel dollies, think Fletcher European. Think rotoX.

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