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Mobile Containers & Trough Units

Mobile container trucks and Trough units come in all sizes, dimensions and materials. We offer the classic mobile container truck moulded from tough food grade polyethylene. We also offer Euro tote bins, mobile troughs and a range of trucks and trolleys.

Mobile Container Trucks

Our rotoXpro mobile container trucks are versatile solution for a wide range of different applications.  We have supplied our mobile containers to many different sectors including food production, warehousing, retail, schools and health care.  We offer a range of sizes ranging from 72 to 455 litre capacity, all available in a wide choice of colours.  Most of the sizes can be supplied with an optional lid and fitted with a handle.

Euro Tote Bins

Euro tote bins are a made to a standard specification and widely used across the food industry.  Traditionally produced from high-grade stainless steels, the standard size allows them to fit into factory system, production lines and lifting equipment.  We manufacture our own plastic euro tote bins, based on the foot print of the stainless steel version; the plastic option can be supplied in a choice of colours, is lighter and reduces factory noise.

Trough and Chassis Trucks

Our troughs and chassis trucks are supplied as a complete unit made up of a stainless steel chassis frame and durable plastic tank or trough.  The strong steel chassis boasts a high weight loading ideal for transporting heavy loads around a factory.  Part of the rotoXpro range, our trough units offer a comfortable working height, with optional drainage options.  The troughs and tanks are produced in food grade material and can be supplied in a wide choice of colours.   

Bottle Trolleys

Bottle bins, bottle skips or also known bottle trolleys are purpose built to be used in pubs, restaurants, basically any environment that disposes of glass bottles.  However they also lend themselves well to many different applications, such as laundry collection or general storage. They feature an inter-stacking design with an easy-release feature saving you on storage space. All bottle bins come with tapered sides that enable them to nest for easy storage.  

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