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Lockers & Plastic Racking

Within our plastic lockers and plastic racking range of products we manufacture our very own plastic lockers that are perfect for use within an array of different industries. The plastic lockers hygienic design and food grade plastic construction makes them ideal for use within food manufacturing and production environments as well as the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals. Alongside the plastic lockers we also provide a large range of steel lockers, providing high quality and affordable storage perfect for use in general industry and schools alike. Our PVC plastic racking harnesses a number of hygienic attributes that make them ideal for use in food manufacturing, hospitals and catering. First aid cabinets and PPE storage cabinets extend the range, offering essential storage solutions for use in almost any establishment. Available in numerous sizes, our variety of first aid cabinets provides you with plenty of choice. To complete the range we also offer standard sized and bespoke stainless steel furniture. Impeccably constructed, these work stations, tables and mobile cabinets provide hygienic and long lasting platforms from which to work on. 

Plastic Lockers

The nigh unbreakable construction of our plastic lockers makes them an ideal choice for demanding environments, such as within food manufacturing, schools, catering and general industry. The plastic lockers are produced from a food grade polyethylene plastic and as a result are incredibly easy to clean and provide impeccably hygienic storage, further proving their value to the likes of the food industry, hospitals, care homes and wet environments such as leisure centres and swimming pools. Able to be stored inside or outside without risk of deterioration the plastic lockers are well designed for challenging environments. Supplied in 3 different sizes and an almost endless selection of colours, these plastic lockers allow you to adhere to departmental colour coding and help reduce the risk of cross contamination, perfect for the likes of food manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Steel Lockers

Steel Lockers are a common form of storage for use within changing rooms, schools and general working environments. Providing a large range of different sized steel lockers, varying from single door lockers up to 8 door steel lockers, we offer plenty of choice to suit your individual needs. Our variety of steel lockers are produced from a sustainably sourced Abbey steel and are finished with a hygienic epoxy coating that makes them suitable for environments where hygienic is paramount. Suitable for the likes of the food manufacturing industry, our range of steel lockers extends to provide garment collection and distribution lockers. All of our steel lockers are also available with sloping tops for preventing build-up of rubbish as well as locker stands, helping to raise them up off of the floor, keeping levels of hygiene at their peak.

Plastic Racking

With their ability to be used in temperatures as low as -40 degrees our selection of plastic racking provides excellent storage capabilities for use within the food industry. Perfect for racking and shelving within cold rooms, walk in freezers and blast chillers, this plastic racking is incredibly easy to clean down, making it a very hygienic solution. The plastic racking is available in a variety of different sizes as standard, however if you cannot find the size that best suits your requirements, make sure you call our expert team today and challenge us with your needs. To compliment the plastic racking range we also provide a number of stainless steel and zinc coated steel racking options to consider. These hard wearing racking units are perfect for use in numerous industries, including retail, catering and pharmaceuticals.

First Aid Cabinets

As health and safety regulations grow ever more important to adhere to, our range of first aid cabinets can help you be prepared when unfortunate accidents occur within the workplace. Constructed from durable materials these first aid cabinets are well suited for storage your essential first aid supplied and or equipment even within challenging environments or industrial scales.

PPE Storage Cabinets

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE, is becoming ever more important within any working environment. Our range of PPE storage cabinets allow you to effectively store this important equipment away securely and efficiently. Available in a variety of different sizes, you are sure to find the PPE storage cabinet that best suits your requirements.

Stainless Steel Furniture

From workstations, write up desks to tables and mobile work benches, we offer a range of standard sized as well as bespoke stainless steel furniture to suit a variety of applications. Perfect for use within food manufacturing production lines, or in pharmaceutical factories, our stainless steel furniture offers durable and hygienic solutions from which to work from. The stainless steel is non corrosive and is well suited for use in challenging environments such as factories, industrial kitchens and production plants. Even if you cannot find a piece of stainless steel equipment that best suits your needs, make sure you contact our expert team to discuss your bespoke requirements.

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