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Ingredient Storage Equipment

Having the very best equipment in place for the storage of ingredients is vital. The rotoX range of ingredient storage and dispense products consists of a variety of ingredient dispensers, plastic stacking bins, sieve units and so much more. Though used today throughout the likes of the catering and bakeries industry, these varying types of ingredient storage equipment were all originally designed for use within food manufacturing as ingredient bins and likes of flour bins, and thus harness impeccably hygienic design traits.

Plastic Ingredient Dispensers

Our large selection of plastic ingredient dispensers includes a variety of static and mobile ingredient bins and ingredient dispensers as well as multi-dispense stainless steel frames and racks. The range includes various sizes of ingredient dispense equipment all supplied complete with clear plastic food approved PETG flaps to allow quick and easy access when filling or dispensing. The mobile ingredient bins are impeccably hygienic and easy to clean, making them ideal flour bins and dough bins. The boot shape design of our table top ingredient dispensers provides a means for stock rotation as you fill the dispenser from the top and dispense from the bottom.

Plastic Inter-Stacking Bins

A range of plastic stacking bins provide unbeatable hygienic storage and ease of handling for ingredients and other produce, such as meat or fish. Widely used throughout the food production and catering industries our plastic inter-stacking bins are produced from food grade plastic. Sharing an identical base diameter the entire range can inter-stack, which also makes them compatible with relating plastic dollies. Commonly used as ingredient bins they incorporate a crevice free, hygienic design, making them extremely straight forward to clean. These inter-stacking tubs are also available in a plethora of colours and with optional lids.

Food Grade Mixing Bowls

Flaunting a variety of plastic and stainless steel mixing bowls we offer a range of solutions for mixing and storing of food products and ingredients, such as meat. Predominantly used within food manufacturing and butchers or caterers for handling and mixing meat products, our large capacity plastic mixing bowls offer an ideal means for mixing batches of ingredients together. Within the range we also provide stainless steel bowl stands that are hard wearing and hygienic, providing a mobile option so that the operator can effectively mix ingredients within the plastic bowls whilst keeping a good posture.

Sieve Units

Our range of sieves and sieve units provide some simple sieving solutions for food production requirements, especially within bakeries. With a choice of plastic or stainless steel rims, all supplied with a stainless steel mesh, our sieves offer premium quality sieving equipment. With the ability to be inter-worked with our plastic inter-stacking bins range to create mobile sieve units, the selection has much to offer. We are also able to produce bespoke sieve units that can be produced to suit any plastic bins or containers in our extensive range. Feel free to contact us for more details on bespoke equipment.

Plastic Airtight Containers

Our variety of different sized plastic airtight containers are perfect for use within industrial kitchens, bakeries and the catering trade. Commonly used throughout the food industry as storage for condiments, ingredients or produce, these airtight containers keep their contents fresher for longer, helping to prevent spoilage. Produced from food grade plastic materials these plastic containers are available in capacities from 2.5 to 110 litres.

Stainless Steel Tables

Impeccably strong and built to provide years of service, our variety of stainless steel tables prove to be impeccable means for work tops and work stations. Invaluable within hygiene sensitive environments, such as food production and pharmaceuticals the stainless steel will not rust or corrode and is incredibly easy to clean. Available in standard or bespoke sizes our stainless steel furniture can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. Call you expert team today for more information on stainless steel tables.

Labels & Labelling Services

To further aid in the identification of ingredients and products, along with helping to prevent the risk of cross contamination we supply a bespoke labelling service. Creating durable adhesive wipe clean labels, specific to your intended requirement we can help you make light work of product seperation and identification. Alongside these labels we also offer a mold-in graphics service as another possibility. For further information on our amazing labelling services call our team today.

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