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Plastic Inter Stacking Bins

Fletcher European manufacture a range of plastic inter-stacking bins that provide excellent storage and handling of goods, products or ingredients within many different industry settings. Commonly referred to as food grade bins or inter-stacking containers, the rotoX range of plastic inter-stacking bins incorporate an incredibly hygienic design and are produced from food grade polyethylene plastic. Ideal for many industries including food manufacturing, catering, horticulture, bakeries, pharmaceuticals, fish frying and the meat industry our food grade ingredient bins are perfect for storing and handling food products and food ingredients.

The plastic inter-stackable bins are available in four sizes, each harnessing the exact same base diameter, enabling them to inter-work with one another as well as our rotoXDSB plastic dollies (skates). All of the sizes of colour coded plastic inter-stacking tubs are available in a plethora of colours, allowing for colour coding and they can also be supplied with a lid. Even with lid in place, these plastic inter-stacking bins can still be stacked securely. To further assist with product identification, we offer a labelling service and mould-in graphics for the rotoX plastic inter-stackable bins.

Designed to be used as food ingredient bins, the plastic inter-stacking bins also make for exceptional stackable storage containers for general industry applications. Their ability to inter-stack regardless of model, enables them to be fantastic space savers. Their robust polyethylene plastic construction makes them ideal for industrial applications throughout a vast array of different industries aside from the food industry.

The plastic inter-stacking bins are available in four different sizes and they are all part of the rotoX range of plastic products, guaranteeing premium quality. The rotoXT01, rotoXT02, rotoXT03 and rotoXT04 make up the four inter-stackable sizes of these colour coded food ingredient bins. Each of the models is available in almost any colour you require and are compatible with the rotoXDSB plastic dollies (skates), providing an easy and highly manoeuvrable means for handling and transporting stacks of plastic inter-stacking containers.

The rotoXT01 and rotoXT02 are ideal food ingredient bins, commonly used throughout the food manufacturing and catering industries as ingredient bins, meat tubs, fish tubs and flour bins. The rotoXT01 can be provided with internal dividers, RMSBTRI1, helping to further separate ingredients or products. The rotoXT02 plastic inter-stackable tubs can also be internally divided, using the RMSBTRI2 food grade plastic dividers.

Alongside the rotoXDSB plastic dollies that are designed to handle the range of plastic inter-stacking bins, we also offer a double and quad dolly to effectively manoeuvre larger quantities of inter-stackable plastic bins about busy environments. The rotoXFDD has a stainless steel frame and is supplied with two food grade polyethylene plastic blanks that sit into it, providing the base for which the food grade bins can sit securely. The rotoXFQD works along the same exact principle, only this time offering four points in which to stack the plastic inter-stackable bins.

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