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Labels & Labelling Facility

Adhesive acrylic labels are a great way of labelling your equipment to clearly define their contents or use. To aid in product identification and to help prevent the risks of cross contamination Fletcher European offer an acrylic labelling service, helping to design and create bespoke labels for you to affix to your plastic ingredient bins, tapered tubs and ingredient dispensers.

Suitable for most applications, our adhesive acrylic labels can be designed and produced to your exact specifications, including size, colour, text and background requirements. The labels can be supplied in several different formats including dry wipe, ultra-tac and scuff proof labels. Dry wipe labels allow you to write and mark them with dry wipe pens, allowing daily checks to be ticked off for example or dates written onto ingredient bins to state the date on which they were filled etc. Ultra-tac and scuff proof labels are perfect for industrial environments such as busy food manufacturing and processing plants, withstanding repetitive use of the plastic containers and regular cleaning activities.

For large labelling and identification requirements we also offer a moulded-in graphics service. Mould-in graphics are exactly as they sound, moulding into the plastic containers a graphic or barcode, we can enable you to easily identify the plastic bins contents. Perfect for food manufacturing applications where product barcodes often need to be scanned.

For more information on our labelling services, and to discuss your requirements please feel free to contact our dedicated sales team.

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