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Bins & Tanks

We manufacture and stock a range of bins and tanks to suit individual needs. We offer stacking bins, tapered bins, airtight containers, tanks and buckets. All our bins and tanks are manufactured from tough, durable plastic designed for frequent use.  With such a wide range of options, you will be able to find the plastic tank or bin to best suit your need:

Stackable Storage Bins

Part of the rotoXpro range our stacking bins come in 4 sizes, 18, 31, 46 and 73 litres, but all share the same diameter allowing them to interwork.   Our stacking bins are manufactured to high-standards, making them the ideal choice to be used in food factories.  We are able to offer a range of colours, making colour coding easily possible.  To work with the bins we offer lids, dollies and labelling options.

Tapered Bin

Our rotoXpro tapered bins are very heavy duty and suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from industrial food production in factories or used as chip bins in a fish and chip shop. We offer them in a range of 5 colours; with capacities ranging from 14 litres to 136 litres.

Airtight Containers

Airtight containers are designed for packaging or airtight storage, available in 2.5 to 110 litres. They are re-usable containers that are perfect for food and ingredients with an airtight seal.


Manufactured from food grade material our rotoXpro tanks are strong and built to last.  Available in a choice of colours these plastic tanks are available in capacities up to 455 litres.  We also offer lids, drainage bungs or taps.  Within our range we offer stainless steel chassis trucks to hold the tanks or mobile versions with wheels attached see our mobile container section for more details.

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