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Food Ingredient Dispensers

Within the rotoX range of plastic products, exclusive to Fletcher European, we manufacture a selection of static food ingredient dispensers. Commonly used throughout the food manufacturing, food processing and catering industries, these ingredient dispensers are often known as food bins, caterbins or flour bins. Perfect for a host of environments including industrial kitchens, hotels, bakeries, food factories and many more, the food ingredient dispensers are produced in the UK and are manufactured using food grade polyethylene plastic.

Perfect for the food and catering industries, these ingredient dispensers are available in a wealth of different colours. Designed to allow efficient colour coding and adhere to food safety and hygiene regulations, the food grade plastic food bins are ideal for the storage and dispensing of food products and ingredients.

Incorporating a slimmer design than the others, the rotoXTK15 is ideal for under counter storage and is perfect for when storage space is at a premium as it can easily fit in beside food preparation areas. The rotoXT15 is also compatible with our ingredient dispense trolley, enabling you to store a range of different ingredients or food products ready for dispense all in our place. Highly manoeuvrable and produced using stainless steel, the rotoXF15 is ideal for high care environments such as food factories, bakeries and food preparation areas.

Produced in our UK factory, the variety of food ingredient dispensers are all produced via rotational moulding, and are of a food grade quality. Ideal for food contact applications, the food grade polyethylene plastic is incredibly strong and the caterbins themselves harness a crevice free and seamless construction. Easy to clean and extremely hygienic they offer an exemplary means for ingredient storage and dispense, and are a popular choice within the catering industry.

Equipped with matching coloured plastic lid and a clear PETG plastic flap, each of the food ingredient dispensers is designed to allow quick and easy filling or dispense of ingredients. Three models are available, including the rotoXTK15 with a 65 litre capacity, the rotoXTK20 with a capacity of 90 litres and finally the rotoXTK35 (150 litres).


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