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Conteneurs gerbables et empilables

Fletcher European Containers stock a wide range of stack and nest containers in many colours, designs and styles. Often referred to as stack nest containers, Maxinest bale arm baskets, bale arm crates or 180 degree stack nest containers these plastic crates all share a common attribute, the ability to stack and nest. A popular choice for many industries including food manufacturing and food processing, hospitality and catering, retail distribution and warehousing, transportation and logistics, waste and recycling and many more these stack nest crates can often be seen in use throughout supermarkets, grocery stores, bakeries, food banks and farms.

Plastic stack nest containers are widely used for many storage and handling applications. Typically designed to be used for storage and distribution many of these plastic containers have European standard sized footprints of 600x400mm. The 600x400 plastic crates are compatible with our rotoXD90 which is a plastic dolly designed to handle stacks of stack nest containers safely and securely. The 600x400 plastic dollies are available in a large range of food approved colour options to assist with colour coding and are manufactured from durable food grade polyethylene.

Also ideal for large distribution and transportation applications the Euro plastic containers are designed to utilise all of the available space on Euro plastic pallets. With such a large selection of stack nest containers and Maxinest bale arm crates available you are sure to find the ideal plastic crates to suit your requirements.

Maxinest bale arm baskets

Often called bale arm crates or supermarket crates these plastic containers incorporate a set of strong bale arms enabling them to stack and nest. The plastic crates have a tapered design allowing them to nest inside of one another when the bale arms are disengaged and then when the bale arms are engaged, the stack nest containers can then stack on top of one another securely.

A popular choice for supermarkets, grocery stores and retail distributors the Maxinest bale arm baskets are commonly used for handling perishable food produce and goods such as fruits, vegetables and salads. Their perforated exterior allows for excellent airflow and drainage capabilities and each of the stack and nest containers are manufactured from food grade polypropylene.

600x400 plastic crates such as the SN190, DH64P, DH65P, SN300P, SN300S and SN640P bale arm containers, are all compatible with our rotoXD90 which is a plastic dolly specifically designed to work with stack nest containers. The plastic dollies allow the Maxinest bale arm crates to sit into them, securely holding the bottom plastic container in place and allowing you to stack safely and securely on top. Fletcher European Containers also supplied a variety of other plastic dollies such as the rotoXD74 which is designed to handle stack and nest crates such as the DH74P.

Easily and comfortably gripped, even when wearing gloves, the Euro-sized plastic stacking crates can be effortlessly picked up and carried. A popular choice for food handling applications, our Maxinest bale arm baskets are easy to clean and can be supplied in a variety of food approved colours to aid in product identification and product separation. The supermarket crates food grade plastic construction incorporates a smooth interior to prevent any damage to products contained and also a dappled exterior, to help make the removal of labels or stickers quick and easy.

Stack / Nest containers

Popular plastic containers for many food handling and food storage applications are the SN0112 and SN0113. Known as 180 degree stack nest containers both of these plastic crates are designed to be stacked on top of one another or nested through a 180 degree rotation. Ideal for saving on space these plastic stacking containers have a European standard footprint of 600x400mm and are therefore compatible with our plastic dollies and Euro pallets.

The SN0112 has a perforated base and sides and the SN0113 is a plastic crate with solid sides and base. Often used for draining and storing fresh fruits, salads and vegetables within the food industry these stack / nest containers are produced from food grade plastic and are available in a range of food approved colours to assist with colour coding.

Fletcher European Containers also stocks a wide range of two-tone plastic stack nest containers and plastic boxes to assist with storage and handling applications. The two-tone colours help to indicate which way the 180 degree stack nest containers need to be positioned to either stack or nest. These stack and nest plastic containers include the 11020, 11018, 11034, 11051, 11052 and 11065. All of these Euro containers have a 600x400mm footprint.

To ensure fast and efficient deliveries on all orders Fletcher European Containers holds ample stock of plastic stack nest containers. As a proud UK stockist of Schoeller Allibert plastic crates, Maxinest bale arm baskets, stack / nest containers and plastic stacking trays have look to ensure a fast turnaround on every order.

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