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Plastic Pallets & Pallet Boxes

Fletcher European Containers provide a comprehensive range of rackable, hygienic, industrial quality, plastic pallets, plastic pallet boxes, bins and containers. Perfect for a wide variety of industry sectors, our range of plastic folding and collapsible boxes and crates, bulk boxes and drum spill control equipment have been used throughout the UK and Europe for over 20 years.

Our large plastic pallet containers and plastic pallets are widely used throughout food manufacturing, food processing, bakery and confectionery, food produce industries including vegetable processing and meat processing, the pharmaceutical industry, retail and distribution, recycling and engineering to name just a few.

To compliment our comprehensive range of hygienic pallets and bulk boxes we also provide a variety of pallet trucks for safe and secure handling of plastic pallets and pallet boxes; and a range of bunded drum spill pallets for effective storage of liquids and chemicals.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are commonly used throughout manufacturing, warehousing and distribution for the storage and transportation of goods. Fletcher European Containers stock a comprehensive range of plastic pallets that includes rackable pallets, nestable, shipping pallets, hygiene pallets and heavy duty, industrial, plastic pallets.

Offering a wide selection of 1200 x 1000mm plastic pallets as well as 800 x 600mm and 1200 x 800mm plastic Euro pallets, you are sure to fight the right solution to suit your requirements. To make selecting the correct plastic pallet to suit your application we have broken down the range into several groups but for further assistance please feel free to contact our expert sales team for advice.

Rackable plastic pallets

Ideal for storing goods or plastic containers within pallet racking our range of full perimeter, rackable plastic pallets are a perfect solution. For a plastic pallet to be considered ‘rackable’ it firstly needs to be able to take the weight of its load whilst placed within pallet racking. Our hygienic plastic pallets, RMIPS12 and RM1210CD both exhibit a full perimeter base, allowing 4 way entry for sets of forks as well as making them perfect for use within pallet racking.

Another rackable plastic pallet is the CRD35R, offering a recycled plastic pallet for storage and materials handling. These pool pallets are ideal for transportation and storage and also have a full perimeter base suitable for storage within pallet racking. To confirm whether a plastic pallet is suitable for storing in racking look for a rackable weight loading within the product or simply contact us for further advice.

Hygienic plastic pallets

Heavy duty, industrial, rackable, plastic pallets such as the TC3 prove to be incredibly hygienic. Manufactured from food grade materials many of our plastic pallets are used throughout food manufacturing and food processing industries as well as the meat processing industry. The CRH1, CRH2 and CRH3 are all considered to be hygienic pallets and are a popular choice for meat processing applications.

Hygiene pallets are easily cleaned and often provide a smooth, fully closed deck. Perfect for colour coding applications the RMIPS12 is available in a wide variety of different colours to assist with product separation and product identification. These colour coded options also allow the hygienic plastic pallets to help prevent cross contamination.

Ideal for storage and distribution of food produce and food ingredients the CRH1 and CRH2 are also plastic Euro pallets. Widely used throughout the UK and Europe these plastic pallets are perfect for transporting food grade, Euro stacking containers and European sized plastic boxes. Many of our hygienic plastic pallets also incorporate lips around their edges to help prevent plastic containers from sliding or slipping off.

Nestable plastic pallets

Sometimes called export pallets or shipping pallets our range of nestable plastic pallets are designed to help save on space during return journeys and storage. The 5591 and 5590 pallets are nestable plastic pallets as they can nest inside one another when not being used which save on huge amounts of essential storage space.

Nestable plastic pallets are often classed as lightweight, this is because they are not suitable for storage within pallet racking and are not given a rackable weight loading. Designed to be re-used time and time again our nestable plastic pallets are ideal for transportation and distribution applications.

Plastic Pallet Boxes

As with plastic pallets, plastic pallet boxes and plastic pallet containers come in a wide variety of different sizes and styles, each suitable for a wide range of applications. Fletcher European Containers offer a range of plastic box pallets from stock suitable for a vast array of different industries and requirements. From industrial pallet boxes to hygienic plastic pallet boxes, Dolav bins and collapsible pallet boxes, our range offers ample choice to suit your needs.

Dolav bins

Available in both standard 1200x1000mm sizes as well as Euro sized 1200x800mm our plastic pallet boxes are well suited to a variety of different industries. As a UK stockist of Dolav bins we offer fast and efficient delivery on a range of colour coded, food grade, bulk storage containers that are a popular choice for many industries including food manufacturing and food processing, meat processing and vegetable processing, pharmaceuticals and many others.

The DL1210A and DL1210AP are large plastic containers designed to be used within the food industry. Manufactured from food grade plastic the Dolav bins incorporate 3 moulded in runners that allow them to be safely tipped on set of rotating forks. Available in a variety of food approved colours, chose from solid or ventilated plastic pallet boxes. The DL1208S and DL1208P are Euro pallet boxes that are also perfect for handling and storing food ingredients and food produce.

Bulk storage containers

Stocked in large quantities the BP1210GR is an industrial pallet box ideal for general industry. Manufactured from a tough and durable food grade polyethylene the heavy duty, plastic pallet boxes are produced to an industrial quality and offer a suitable solution for bulk storage. Plastic drop-on lids are available for all of our plastic box pallets to help cover and protect their contents during transportation and storage.

Also within the range of plastic pallet boxes, Fletcher European Containers supply a variety of plastic box pallets that have the ability to collapse or fold down. These collapsible plastic pallet boxes are ideal for environments with limited storage space as well as for transportation, helping to save on space during return journeys. When empty, the FDPB1210, FDPB1210P and the FLC121097T are all pallet containers that can be folded down and stacked to save on storage space.

Pallet Trucks

To assist with the handling and moving of plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes Fletcher European Containers offers a variety of pallet trucks that can be used to safely and securely transport them about working environments. Pallet trucks are available in a wide range of different sizes with a variety of fork widths available to suit different sized plastic pallets and bulk boxes.

Stainless steel pallet trucks offer an extremely hygienic solution for handling hygiene pallets and are well suited for use within high care environments and clean rooms. Also available to assist with the transportation and handling of plastic containers and goods, we supply a range of sack trucks and stainless steel lifting tables.

IBC & Drum Spill Containment

Spill control is important within any industry where liquids are being stored or handled. Fletcher European Containers provide a comprehensive range of spill pallets, sump pallets and bunded flooring for the containment of drums, tanks and IBC.

Manufactured from incredibly tough and durable polyethylene materials the range of bunded drum spill pallets and IBC sump pallets are perfect for storing plastic tanks, drums and IBC that are used for storing liquids such as chemicals, oils and adhesives.

Drum spill pallets

From 1 drum sump pallets such as the BP1 to 4 drum spill pallets like the BP4 we offer a wide range of spill control equipment for the containment of plastic or metal drums used for storing liquids and chemicals. Each of our bunded drum sump pallets offers a stable platform for storing drums or plastic tanks and they incorporate a sump for collecting and controlling and leaks or spills, preventing hazards caused by spillages.

Drum spill containment is an important aspect for many industries including food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing. Sump pallets offer a secure solution for storing chemicals and liquids and they can also be easily handled and manoeuvred via pallet trucks or fork lift trucks. Bunded flooring such as the BF2 and BF4 offer low level drum spill containment and can be easily tailored to suit any sized space and requirement.

IBC sump pallets

Many industries use IBC containers for storing liquids, chemicals or oil in bulk quantities and these large plastic containers need to be stored securely and safely to prevent huge leakages. Fletcher European Containers offer a range of IBC spill pallets with or without extended spill trays for catching spills from external taps.

Incredibly strong and durable the BB1 and BB1D IBC sump pallets are perfect for handling these large bulk containers and can withstand the pressure from large weights. Our IBC sump pallets have a removable plastic grid mesh that enables effective cleaning of the sump pallets. All of the IBC spill pallets are equipped with fork pockets to allow you to manoeuvre and reposition them using a fork lift truck.

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