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Plastic Dollies

Fletcher European Containers manufacture a comprehensive range of plastic dollies and plastic wheeled dollies to suit a wide range of plastic boxes, plastic containers, plastic crates and plastic trays. Perfect for storage and material handling applications each plastic dolly is designed to securely handle a different type or size of plastic stacking container. Produced in our UK factory the plastic dollies are rotationally moulded to ensure a wheeled dolly that is incredibly strong and durable, capable of handling heavy loads of plastic boxes. Consisting of single one-piece mouldings the plastic dollies prove to be very hygienic and easy to clean. Each dolly is supplied as standard with four 100mm diameter wheels in zinc plated castor housings. For high care applications stainless steel castors can be supplied.

Our wheeled dollies are widely used throughout many industries including food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, the bakery industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, engineering and electronics, warehousing and retail distribution, textiles and clothing manufacture, farming and horticulture, meat processing and fish processing; and waste and recycling to name a few. All of the plastic dollies are available in over 12 food approved colours to assist with colour coding. Our Euro dollies are colour coded and are commonly used within clean rooms and high care environments.

To assist with choosing the right plastic dolly to suit your requirements, whether you need a plastic dolly for Euro containers or for confectionery trays we have made selecting the ideal plastic dolly a simple task.

600 x 400 dollies

Perfect for handling stacks of stack/nest plastic containers and Maxinest bale arm crates the rotoXD90 is one of our most popular plastic dollies. Designed to allow stack nest trays with a base footprint of 600 x 400mm to sit securely into the plastic dolly, these 600 x 400 dollies offer a safe and highly manoeuvrable solution for handling these plastic containers. The open deck design is hygienic and easy to clean and the 600 x 400 dolly can be supplied in a wide variety of colours to assist with colour coding. Ideal for Maxinest bale arm baskets these plastic dollies prove to be long lasting and ideal for industrial application.

Euro dollies

These plastic dollies are designed to handle stacks of plastic stacking containers with a standard European sized footprint of 600 x 400mm. Often called Euro containers or Euro boxes, the Euro stacking containers stack on top of one another but do not nest and therefore require a Euro dolly that can securely handle heavy stacks of stacking boxes. The rotoXD91 is an ideal plastic dolly for handling large stacks of Euro stacking boxes safely and securely and it also offers effective drainage attributes due to its open deck design. Easily cleaned and very hygienic these Euro dollies are a favourite for any industry using Euro stacking containers. Another plastic dolly that is ideal for handling Euro boxes is the rotoXD92 which has a solid deck. Both of the plastic dollies are equipped with 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors and are highly manoeuvrable, ideal for demanding environments such as food factories.

Confectionery tray dollies

Confectionery trays and bakery trays are used throughout the bakery industry within bakeries and industrial bakery plants. Fletcher European Containers manufacture 2 plastic dollies designed to handle these confectionery trays in large stacks safely and securely. Often called bread tray dollies, the rotoXD38 is a plastic dolly perfect for handling a stack of confectionery trays. These confectionery tray dollies have an open deck design and can assist with airflow should perforated trays be used and also they prove to be very hygienic and easy to clean. Available from stock in a wide range of food approved colours the wheeled dollies can assist with colour coding and product separation. The rotoXD36 is a plastic dolly with a closed deck and is also suitable for handling plastic stacking trays for food handling. The bread tray dollies are perfect for handling plastic crates used for point of sale display of bakery goods, savoury goods, confectioneries and baked morning goods.

Plastic double dollies

A double dolly is a plastic dolly with the ability to handle up to 2 stacks of plastic stacking crates at once. We manufacture a range of plastic double dollies ideal for handling both stack nest crates and Euro stacking containers. With an open deck the rotoXD50 is a plastic double dolly that is incredibly durable and well designed for handling heavy loads of stack/nest plastic containers such as Maxinest bale arm crates. Allowing the stack nest baskets to securely sit into the plastic dollies these double dollies are ideal for distribution applications. Another plastic double dolly, the rotoXD52 is ideally designed for storage and handling of Euro containers. These double dollies have a solid deck and securely hold Euro sized stacking boxes with a footprint of 600 x 400mm. Each of these plastic dollies are available from stock in a wide range of colours.

The rotoXD54 is a plastic double dolly designed and engineered by ourselves to offer the safe and secure handling of both stack/nest containers and Euro boxes a like. This heavy duty double dolly is perfect for industrial use and incorporates a durable design able to withstand heavy loads. The in-step design enables the plastic dollies to handle plastic containers and plastic boxes that stack and nest. Ideal for 600 x 400mm sized Euro stacking boxes as well as 400 x 300mm plastic crates and stack nest containers, these plastic double dollies cater for a wide range of different applications. Available in a wide range of colours, these plastic dollies can be supplied with or without a quick-release plastic handle.

Plastic dollies for stacking bins

The rotoX range of plastic inter stacking bins are often called ingredient bins. Able to inter stack, all 4 sizes of these plastic stacking bins can be handled by our plastic dolly, the rotoXDSB. Specifically designed to handle our range of plastic stacking tubs the plastic dollies are incredibly durable and incorporate a very hygienic design. A very popular plastic dolly within the bakery industry they are used to handle stacks of bakery tubs. These plastic dollies can also handle the rotoXB15 which is a plastic tapered bin popular within the fish frying trade.

Plastic dollies for tapered bins

Plastic moulded bins and tapered tubs are commonly used within the chip shop and fish frying trades. A plastic dolly perfect for handling these potato chip bins is the rotoXDTB. Easily handled, these plastic dollies are ideal for keeping plastic tapered bins up off of the floor and also allow you to effectively fit drainage taps and bungs to the plastic bins. Equipped with 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors the plastic dolly is available in a wide range of colours to allow colour coded practices to be adhered to.

800 x 600 dollies

The rotoXD40 is a plastic dolly designed to suit a range of plastic bread baskets and bread trays as well as plastic boxes with a footprint of 800 x 600mm. The 800 x 600 dollies are incredibly durable and have an open deck design that is hygienic and easy to clean. Often called distribution baskets the bread trays sit securely within the 800 x 600 dolly and can be easily manoeuvred about an industrial environment. These plastic dollies are also perfect for handling 800 x 600mm sized Euro stacking trays.

Special sized plastic dollies

A select few of our range of plastic dollies are designed to suit specifically sized plastic stacking containers. The rotoXD74 is designed to handle stack nest baskets such as the DH74P, or any stack nest containers with a footprint of 645 x 395mm. The rotoXD75 is an industrial plastic dolly designed to handle plastic stacking boxes sized up to 640 x 385mm, offering a secure and durable storage and handling solution.

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