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Bins, Tubs & Buckets

Fletcher European Containers are UK manufacturers of a wide variety of food ingredient plastic bins and tubs including our inter stacking bins,  tapered tubs, stacking boxes and ingredient dispensers. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene, our range of plastic stacking bins are all designed to inter-stack with one another, regardless of their model. Tapered moulded bins are designed to be able to stack and nest to a certain degree, saving on essential storage space.

Produced via rotational moulding the plastic storage containers both exhibit features that make them ideal for use across an ever growing number of industries. Commonly used within food manufacturing and food processing, hospitality and catering, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, engineering and electronics, textiles and clothing manufacture; and waste and recycling, these food grade bins are a favourite of the bakery industry and the chip shop and fish frying sectors.

The plastic inter-stacking bins and plastic tapered bins are used throughout the food industry for their food handling and hygienic properties, however their incredibly strong and durable construction makes them a viable solution for industrial storage and handling applications across general industry.

Inter Stacking Bins

Designed to be able to inter-stack with one another no matter which model of plastic inter stacking container you choose, each of the plastic inter stacking bins has an identical base diameter. Strong and durable, the plastic stacking tubs are ideal for industrial use and prove to be a long lasting storage and materials handling solution. The plastic inter stacking bins are available in 4 different sizes each available with a plastic drop-on lid to suit. The 4 sizes include the rotoXT01, rotoXT02, rotoXT03 and rotoXT04.

The plastic stackable bins are able to stack on top of one another whether the plastic lids are in place or not, making them an effective, space saving storage solution. Available in over 12 different colour options the plastic stacking bins are also available with added drainage holes, tag slots and moulded-in graphics if required. Tag slots can be used for assisting with identification of the plastic bins contents and moulded-in graphics can include barcodes or ownership information.

Due to each of the food grade bins sharing an identical base diameter measurement, they are also compatible with a number of our plastic dollies and stainless steel dollies. Perfect for handling stacks of plastic inter stacking bins, the rotoXDSB is a plastic dolly designed specifically for this range. Hygienically designed the stacking bin dolly is often used to create mobile sieving units, whereby one of the stacking bins is altered to include a sieve and this sits on top of a large plastic bin, positioned to store sieved ingredients such as flour, spices or grains.

Ingredient bins

Our range of plastic stacking bins are a popular favourite for the food industry and especially the bakery industry. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene, the food grade bins are often called bakery bins or ingredient bins and are commonly used for handling and storing ingredients such as flour and dough or mixtures of ingredients. The plastic stacking bins consist of a single one-piece moulding ensuring that they are seamless and smooth.

The crevice-free design of the plastic bakery tubs allows them to be effortlessly cleaned and they prove to be incredibly hygienic. Available in over 12 food approved colours the plastic inter stacking bins are ideal for food handling environments as they can be used for colour coding. Assisting with product separation as well as identification, the colour coded plastic bins are perfect for high care environments such as food preparation areas, laboratories or pharmaceutical plants.

A common choice for bakeries, the bakery bins can be modified to include tag slots, allowing the attachment of identity tags; moulded-in graphics to assist with product identification via bar code scanners; and also sieve units. The base of the plastic stacking bin can be cut out and replaced with a stainless steel sieve to assist with food ingredient handling and sieving applications.

The rotoXT01 and rotoXT02 can be be fitted with internal dividers to assist with handling smaller amounts of ingredients. The internal dividers for the rotoXT01 are the RMSBTRI1 and for the rotoXT02, the RMSBTRI2 are ideally suited. Produced from food grade polyethylene the internal dividers are easily cleaned and very hygienic.

Plastic Tapered Bins

Plastic tapered bins or moulded tapered bins as they are often called, are industrial quality plastic bins with a tapered design to allow them to save on storage space. Each of our tapered tubs is manufactured via rotational moulding, using a single one-piece mould to ensure a plastic moulded bin that is seamless, watertight and incredibly durable. Resistant to cracking the plastic tapered bins are ideal for any industry.

Commonly used for waste and recycling applications these tapered moulded bins are used throughout general industry for their durability, hygienic design and ability to stack and nest when not in use. A popular use for the tapered bins is as a potato chip bin within the chip shop trade and fish frying industry. The rotoXB15, rotoXB20 and rotoXB25 are all popular choices for chip shops and have been used as potato chip bins for many years.

Many of the plastic tapered tubs can be modified to include stainless steel handles. The rotoXB4 is available with a loop handle to assist with lifting and transporting and the rotoXB5 and upwards can be fitted with a pair of stainless steel handles. All of the tapered moulded tubs are available with plastic drop-on lids and are manufactured from food grade polyethylene, making them ideal for food storage and food handling.

Plastic moulded tubs

The plastic tapered bins are available in a wide variety of different colours. These colour options help to assist with colour coding within high care environments as well as product identification. Extremely tough and durable, the plastic moulded bins are ideal for use within any industrial environment and are commonly put to use within warehousing and retail distribution, food manufacturing and food processing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, waste and recycling and many others.

Designed to handle the plastic tapered bins Fletcher European Containers have developed a range of steel dollies and plastic dollies to suit. Our circular steel dollies are available in a powder coated or stainless steel option. Designed to handle the plastic moulded tubs from the rotoXB5 up to rotoXB35 these steel dollies offer a secure and robust solution for transporting plastic tapered bins.

The rotoXDSB is a plastic dolly designed to suit our range of plastic inter stacking bins, however the stacking bin dollies also suit the rotoXB15. The rotoXDTB is a plastic dolly designed specifically for our range of tapered moulded bins, catering for the rotoXB20, rotoXB25 and rotoXB30.

Brute Bins

Brute bins are a well-known general storage bin and offer a hard-wearing plastic bin for many applications including food handling, waste and recycling. Available in a range of different sizes and colours the Brute bins are robust plastic containers equipped with handles to assist with manual handling, allowing the plastic bins to be easily lifted and tipped.

Our Brute bin range of plastic storage bins includes sizes from as low as 37 litre capacity up to larger plastic bins of 208 litres, helping to provide a storage and handling solution for many varying applications. Easy to use, the Brute containers are available in a variety of different colours and with or without an optional lid. The BRUTEDOL plastic dolly is specifically designed to handle stacks of brute bins and is highly manoeuvrable.

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