Plastic Container Trucks

Fletcher European Containers have been UK manufacturers of food grade, mobile plastic container trucks, bins, tubs, tanks and trolleys for 25 years. Our plastic trucks on wheels, with and without a drop on lid, are available in a choice of eight standard sizes, a choice of colours, and are manufactured from either a tough and durable food grade, or recycled polyethylene plastic raw material. Our plastic trucks are well suited for both high care and hygiene sensitive applications as well as heavy duty, industrial storage and materials handling uses with each size supplied as standard with four polyprolene wheels with zinc plated castor housings. Stainless steel castors can also be supplied for high care applications.

Produced in our UK factory using rotational moulding the plastic containers are all manufactured using single one-piece moulds that ensures that all of the mobile container trucks are incredibly strong, durable, seamless and watertight, also proving to be extremely hygienic storage solutions. The plastic mobile containers are resistant to cracking and denting and are well constructed to cope with the rigours of demanding industrial environments.

Part of the exclusive rotoX range, our plastic tapered trucks are widely used throughout many industries including food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, textiles and clothing manufacture, engineering and general manufacturing, waste and recycling, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, farming and agriculture, warehousing, retail distribution and many more.

Plastic tapered trucks

Many of our plastic trucks have a tapered design that allows them, when empty, to be stacked and nested to a degree to help save on storage space. Perfect for the catering industry, for use within commercial kitchens, restaurants, food preparation areas and many more, the rotoXM16 and the rotoXM26 are often used as catering bins or large flour bins. Each of these plastic tapered trucks are well designed for fitting into small spaces, underneath workbenches or standard height stainless steel tables.

The flour bins are manufactured using a single one-piece mould that ensures a crevice-free and seamless plastic container. The inserts which the castors are attached to, are moulded into the base the mobile plastic containers so that the container itself remains watertight. Perfect for storing and handling bulk amounts of dry foods and ingredients that easily cleaned, hygienic, plastic trucks help to guarantee that no sticky residue or trapped dirt remains after cleaning.

Also within our plastic tapered trucks range is the rotoXM30, rotoXM45, rotoXM70 and rotoXM100 mobile container trucks. Each of these heavy duty, plastic mobile containers help to save on space whilst not in use within food factories and warehouse environments. Commonly used for larger, heavier loads, these mobile container trucks make ideal waste and recycling bins, laundry trolleys and ingredient storage trucks.

Wheeled container trucks

To assist with covering and protecting the contents of the plastic trucks each size is available with or without a plastic drop-on lid. Many of the plastic tapered trucks can also be supplied with hinged stainless steel lids if required and we are always open to producing bespoke lids if your intended application calls for it.

Helping with colour coding, product separation, product identification and departmental classification all of the wheeled container trucks can be supplied in a wide range of different colours. With over 12 different food approved colours to choose from and many more available on request our premium tapered trucks are sure to meet your requirements for colour coding.

Many of the mobile container trucks are available with or without a heavy duty plastic handle to assist with the handling and manoeuvring of the wheeled container trucks. The rotoXM30, rotoXM45, rotoXM50, rotoXM70 and rotoXM100 can all be fitted with a plastic handle that enables the user to push and pull the plastic trucks without having to bend and stoop, thus helping to improve posture.

Ingredient storage trucks

Alongside the flour bins, many of our plastic trucks are regularly used for the storage and handling of ingredients and food produce. The rotoXM70 is a 320 litre, food grade, plastic tapered truck that is often called a dough bin. The bakery industry often use these mobile container trucks for storing bulk amounts of dough, covering them and allowing the dough to prove within the container. The mobile plastic containers crevice free construction and smooth, seamless interior ensures that they can be easily cleaned after use.

To ensure that the larger models of our ingredient storage trucks are able to handle bulky, heavier loads of goods, waste or food ingredients the rotoXM50, rotoXM70 and rotoXM100 are all equipped as standard with a reinforced plastic baseboard. If you require further support for handling extremely heavy loads why not try our stainless steel chassis mobiles.

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