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Mobile Plastic Containers

Our premium quality range of mobile container trucks, plastic trucks, plastic container trucks, plastic tapered trucks, recycled container trucks, food ingredient trucks, bottle skips, bottle bins and recycled plastic tubs and trucks have been designed and developed for industrial use and are perfect for general storage, warehousing, stock picking and a variety of materials handling applications. Each truck is supplied as standard with four polypropylene wheels and zinc plated castors. For more high care requirements stainless steel castors can also be supplied.

Our mobile container trucks and tapered trucks are used throughout almost any industry including food manufacturing and food processing, hospitality and healthcare, leisure and tourism, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, engineering and electronics, textiles and clothing manufacture, waste and recycling, farming and horticulture, meat processing and the bakery industry just to name a few.

Manufactured from food grade or recycled polyethylene the mobile plastic containers are produced via rotational moulding. The stress-free moulding process ensures that the plastic trucks are seamless, incredibly durable and resistant to cracking or breaking. Explore the range of plastic tapered trucks, bottle skips and plastic storage containers to source the ideal mobile container truck to suit your application.

Mobile Container Trucks

Our premium range of plastic container trucks are manufactured in our own UK factory. There are a range of 8 different sizes, perfect for industrial storage and materials handling applications. With such a comprehensive range of mobile container trucks available, you are sure to find the ideal plastic mobile container to suit your requirements.

Used throughout so many industries as ingredient storage trucks, waste and recycling trolleys, laundry trolleys, dough storage bins and even make-shift decarbonising units, our range of plastic container trucks prove to be ever versatile.

Catering bins

Commonly used within the catering and hospitality industries, the rotoXM16 and rotoXM26 are often used as ingredient storage trucks. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene they are well suited for handling and storing food ingredients and food produce. Equipped with 4 x 2 inch (50mm) swivel castors, the plastic trucks are easily manoeuvred and efficiently stored under standard height stainless steel tables.

Each of these plastic tapered trucks exhibits a tapered design that allows them to stack and nest inside one another when empty to save on space. Available in a wide range of food approved colour options, the catering bins are ideal for food related environments and help to assist with colour coding. Plastic drop-on lids are also available to help protect the plastic mobile container trucks contents.

Straight sided plastic trucks

The majority of our food grade plastic trucks have tapered designs allowing them to stack and nest to a certain degree. The rotoXM29 and rotoXM50 however are straight sided and therefore these plastic containers do not nest. Enabling you to store and transport straight sided goods and items such as boxes, these mobile container trucks are ideal for warehousing and retail distribution as well as food handling and food storage. The rotoXM50 includes a reinforced plastic baseboard to enable it to be able to handle heavier loads.

Plastic tapered trucks

Including the rotoXM30, rotoXM45, rotoXM70 and the rotoXM100, our premium range of plastic mobile containers are typically designed to be stacked and nested when empty to save on essential storage space. Each of these plastic trucks is of an industrial quality and well suited for handling heavy loads of dry or wet foods, ingredients, textiles, components, electronics, waste and recycling and much more.

The 4 larger sizes of ingredient trucks can all be fitted with heavy duty plastic handles if required. These plastic handles help with the handling and manoeuvrability of the plastic tapered trucks and also negate the need for the user to stoop of bend, ultimately improving operator posture. The rotoXM70, often known as a dough storage bin, as well as the rotoXM100, have reinforced baseboards included to assist with handling heavier loads.

Each of the mobile container trucks incorporates a smooth and seamless, one-piece moulded construction that proves to be hygienic and easily cleaned. The food grade material allows them to adhere to food safety and hygiene regulations and enables them to be used for food contact applications. Incredibly strong and durable these wheeled mobile containers are perfect for any industrial environment.

Plastic Euro bins & Tote Bins

Traditionally produced from stainless steel, eurobins are widely used across the food manufacturing and food processing industries for the storage, mixing and handling of bulk amounts of food produce and food ingredients. Fletcher European Containers have developed a plastic eurobin to the same specification as the standard stainless steel versions, designed to offer a lighter, more durable, more hygienic, and colour coded alternative.

Double skinned, the plastic Eurobins are rotationally moulded from food grade polyethylene and prove to be incredibly strong and durable. Whereas as stainless steel Eurobins will dent and scratch within a demanding industrial environment, the EB03 is resistant to denting, scratching and cracking. The plastic tote bin is easier to handle and lighter than its stainless steel equivalent and it also produces less noise whilst being transported.

Available in a huge range of food approved colours these plastic Euro tote bins are ideal for product separation and colour coded practices. Matching drop-on plastic lids can also be supplied to help cover and protect the contents of the plastic containers. Designed to suit the same specialist lifting equipment and production lines as a stainless steel Eurobin, the plastic Eurobins can be fitted with stainless steel lifting lugs, enabling them to be easily lifted and tipped.

Plastic Ingredient Storage Bins

Our range of mobile ingredient bins are designed for the storage and dispense of food ingredients, food produce, dry food stuffs, components or parts. Produced from food grade polyethylene the plastic containers are seamless, crevice-free and easy to clean. Proving to be very hygienic, the plastic ingredient storage bins are ideal for storing and handling foods and ingredients, helping to preserve the quality and lifespan of ingredients as well as protecting them from contaminants, air and moisture.

Commonly known as flour bins the mobile ingredient bins are ideal for storing bulk amounts of dry food stuffs whilst saving on space. Designed to nestle under workbenches and standard height stainless steel tables the plastic ingredient bins are easily manoeuvred and help to save on space within bakeries, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas.

Available in 3 different sizes, our mobile ingredient containers can be supplied in over 12 food approved colours, allowing you to easily implement colour coded systems or meet current colour coding standards. Ideal for product separation and identification the colour coded storage bins can also be easily labelled. Fletcher European Containers offers a bespoke labelling service for our plastic ingredient storage bins, creating adhesive, scuff-proof acrylic labels that can assist with product identification.

Included in the range are 3 wheeled ingredient bins, each with different sized capacities. The rotoXM15 is a 65 litre capacity plastic mobile bin designed to hold approximately 1 x 25kg bag of flour. The rotoXM20 is a 90 litre capacity mobile ingredient bin able to hold approximately 2 x 25kg bags of flour. Lastly the rotoXM35 plastic ingredient storage bin has a capacity of 150 litres and can hold approximately 3 x 25kg bags of flour.

Mobile ingredient dispensers

The mobile ingredient bins are supplied complete with a plastic lid and a clear, food approved, PETG flap, which can be upgraded to stainless steel if required. The plastic flap allows the contents of the mobile ingredient dispensers to be easily dispensed. The clear plastic flap allows the user to easily see and identify the contents of the ingredient bins and then access them with a scoop or other utensils.

Commonly used for the storage and dispense of flour, these mobile ingredient dispensers are used throughout the catering industry within restaurants, commercial kitchens and hotels. Easily accessed, cleaned and manoeuvred the flour bins prove to be an ideal, space saving piece of food storage equipment.

Bottle Skips

Primarily designed for the collection of empty or used bottles within pubs and bars our range of plastic bottle skips are used throughout many industries. A popular choice within the catering and hospitality industries, the bottle bins can be seen in use on a day to day basis throughout clubs, restaurants, and hotels and at events. Manufactured from recycled polyethylene material, the bottle skips are not food grade, but they are well suited for use in waste and recycling collection and disposal.

Fletcher European Containers are the UK’s largest manufacturer of bottle skips and our range has served many industries for many years. Available in 5 different sizes, including the MO1, MO2, MO3. MO4 and MO5, the plastic bottle skips are produced via rotational moulding; ensuring a single one-piece moulding that is seamless and watertight. Their crevice-free, seamless construction enables the bottle bins to be easily cleaned and prevents any excess liquids from leaking out.

Large plastic skips

Designed to be stacked and nested, the plastic bottle bins have a quick-release feature that enables them to be quickly and easily separated after being stacked up to save on space. Perfect for areas with little storage space, such as behind bars and within commercial kitchens, the plastic skips are designed to be stored in small spaces and are manufactured to an optimum height that not only enables ease of use but helps them to fit under standard height bars.

Fletcher European Containers hold a vast quantity of bottle skips in stock to ensure fast and efficient delivery. The large plastic skips are available for immediate dispatch in a light blue colour, however alternative colours are available on request. Strong and durable, the mobile container trucks are light in weight and can be easily lifted to be emptied.

Stainless Steel Chassis Trucks

Combining a sturdy and incredibly strong stainless steel chassis frame with a hygienic, food grade, heavy duty plastic tank, Fletcher European Containers provide a range of industrial quality, plastic chassis mobiles for handling heavy or bulky loads. Where the load exceeds what a standard plastic mobile container truck can handle, our stainless steel chassis trucks offer an incredibly robust alternative.

The mobile frames are manufactured from a high grade stainless steel that is resistant to rusting and corrosion and proves to be incredibly strong. Highly manoeuvrable the tanks and chassis mobiles, such as the rotoXCT30 and rotoXCT45, are easily handled and well suited for busy and demanding industrial environments such as food factories, warehouses and production plants.

Tanks and chassis mobiles

The plastic tank contained within the stainless steel chassis frame is manufactured from food grade polyethylene and consists of a single one-piece moulded tank that is seamless and watertight. Incredibly durable the heavy duty plastic tank exhibits a crevice-free and smooth interior that can be easily cleaned. Drainage taps can be fitted to these plastic tanks to allow for liquids to be drained and optional drop-on plastic lids are also available.

The plastic tanks themselves are available in a wide range of different colours to assist with colour coding, product separation and product identification. Perfect for storing bulk amounts of food produce and food ingredients these stainless steel chassis trucks, such as the rotoXCT70 and rotoXCT100, are often used for storing dough as it proves and have become known as dough bins or ingredient storage trucks.

Recycled Plastic Mobile Bins

Our plastic trucks range is also available in a recycled polyethylene material to help provide a more cost-effective solution when a food grade container is not required. Exhibiting all of the same traits as the premium range of mobile container trucks, this recycled range prove to be incredibly strong, durable and ideal for industrial use. The range of recycled tapered trucks includes non-food grade alternatives to the rotoXM30, rotoXM45, rotoXM70 and rotoXM100.

Easy to clean and maintain these recycled plastic trucks are perfect for many industrial environments including warehouses, building sites, factories, distribution centres, retail stores, supermarkets, farms and many more. Able to withstand the rigours of demanding industrial environments the seamless one-piece construction of the tapered trucks ensures a mobile plastic container that is resistant to cracking and breaking.

As with our range of bottle skips, the recycled plastic mobile bins can be supplied in a range of different colours. Different castors configurations are available if required and the plastic tapered trucks can be supplied with or without plastic drop-on lids.

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