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Fletcher European supply a range of colour coded plastic scoops, plastic jugs and stainless steel jugs designed for use within food handling applications. Our food approved plastic scoops, plastic jug scoops and round bowl scoops prove to be a popular choice within the catering, retail and foodservice sectors. Plastic pouring jugs and stainless steel measuring jugs also aid in food and liquid handling whilst allowing for colour coding regulations to be adhered to. Manufactured in food grade plastic material, all of our plastic food scoops and plastic jugs are ideal for food preparation areas.

Varying in size, all of our rectangular plastic scoops offer a strong, shatter resistant and durable option for handling food products and food ingredients. These food scoops are available in 4 different sizes, from the 175ml MINISCOOP up to the 1 Litre SC03 plastic scoop. Each size is available from stock in a large range of different colours including purple and orange to help with colour coding.

Round bowl scoops are also available from stock in a huge range of colours including the standard red, green, yellow, blue and white commonly associated with food hygiene and safety practices. The plastic bowl scoops are ideal for use within catering and food production environments offering either a 1 litre (RMBS) or 2 litre (RMBS1) capacity hygiene bowl scoop available in a wide selection of colours. Perfect for handling wet or dry food ingredients these colour coded plastic bowl scoops are manufactured from a strong, pliable and shatter resistant food safe plastic.

Plastic jugs and pouring jugs offer a hygienic and food safe means for handling wet food ingredients and liquids. Available from stock in a range of different colours our colour coded plastic jugs and jug scoops are perfect for the food industry, commonly being used within catering, retail and the foodservice sectors. Manufactured from food grade plastic material the plastic pouring jugs and plastic jug scoops both prove to be strong and shatter / splinter resistant. Ideal for collecting items from a flat service the plastic jug scoops incorporate a strong flat edge. To complete the range we offer a selection of different sized stainless steel measuring jugs.

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