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Utensils & Sundry Equipment

Our range of utensils & sundry equipment is a varied mix of tools and equipment compiled for use within food manufacturing and catering environments. Our colour coded plastic hand tools include colour coded plastic scoops, plastic scrapers (hand scrapers), plastic paddles and plastic shovels, which are all produced from food grade material and are available in a choice of colours. We also offer a range of colour coded metal detectable items, produced in plastic that has been configured to trigger standard metal detectors. Alongside the colour coded plastic equipment we also offer high grade stainless steel utensils such as scoops, hand scrapers, bowls and jugs. To complete our range, we offer electrical apparatus including weighing scales and thermometers.

Plastic Scoops & Jugs

Offering a range of plastic scoops and plastic jugs perfect for use within the food manufacturing, productions, retail and foodservice industries. Our colour coded plastic scoops are designed for use within food production environments. Available from stock in a variety of different colours the plastic food scoops are manufactured from a durable food grade plastic material. Choose from a number of different sized rectangular plastic scoops, plastic jug scoops and plastic bowl scoops. Alongside the colour coded plastic scoops we also provide a selection of food safe plastic jugs and stainless steel measuring jugs fit for use within the food industry. Our plastic jugs are available in a range of different colours to also aid with colour coding within the business.

Scrapers & Stirrers

Fletcher European hold a large number of plastic scrapers and plastic stirrers in stock. Our hand scrapers are available in both colour coded plastic and stainless steel options. Ideal for use within food preparation environments our hand scrapers range includes a number of plastic scrapers, dough scrapers, dough cutters and stainless steel scrapers. Manufactured from durable food grade plastic our colour coded plastic scrapers and flexi scrapers are commonly used throughout the food manufacturing and catering industries. Plastic stirrers are often used within food processing and production applications for the mixing and stirring of food ingredients. Produced from food grade plastic, our plastic stirrers are also available in a wide selection of colours to aid with colour coding.

Plastic Paddles & Plastic Shovels

Available from stock, we offer a variety of colour coded plastic paddles and plastic shovels in a number of different sizes and designs. Our colour coded plastic paddles are available in solid headed or perforated headed formats. Ideal for use within food production and processing applications the one-piece plastic paddles are manufactured from food grade plastic material and are available from stock in a wide range of colours to aid with department or product colour coding practices. Heat resistant plastic paddles are ideal for use within food manufacturing environments, for mixing and stirring food products during cooking. Also included in our colour coded hygiene equipment and food production utensils are our plastic shovels. Available from stock in a variety of colour options, the colour coded plastic shovels include hand shovels, long handled shovels with either t-grip or d-grip handles, plastic pan shovels and hygienic anti-microbial plastic shovels.

Stainless Steel Utensils

Perfect for use within food preparation, food processing, catering and foodservice sectors, our range of stainless steel utensils are designed to aid with food handling applications. Including a variety of different sized stainless steel scoops, stainless steel buckets and stainless steel jugs, the range also includes a selection of mixing bowls, clipboards, hand shovels and sieve units. All manufactured from high quality and incredibly durable stainless steel these hand scoops, food scoops, hand shovels, mixing bowls and measuring jugs are well designed for use within demanding food production and retail environments.

Knives & Chopping Boards

Ideal for commercial kitchens and industrial food preparation areas our kitchen knives and chopping boards are well designed for use within the catering and food manufacturing industries. Colour coded kitchen knives and safety knives are available in a vast array of different styles offering you a choice of filleting knives, pairing knives, palette knives, vegetable and cook knives to name a few. All of the kitchen knives can be supplied with a number of different coloured handles to aid with colour coding and food safety and hygiene standards. We stock a huge quantity of kitchen knives and safety knives within our UK warehouse, available for immediate dispatch. Food grade plastic chopping boards and cutting boards are produced to standard and bespoke sizes to help cater for a vast number of requirements. Also available in a wide range of colour options, our colour coded, food contact approved cutting boards are ideal for food handling applications.

Weigh Scales & Thermometers

Assisting with food hygiene and safety regulations Fletcher European offer a variety of digital thermometers and food probes. Designed to give accurate temperature readings of food products our range of digital thermometers are perfect for the food production, food manufacturing and catering industries. Weighing scales provide accurate weight readings for both food products and bulky packaged goods. Ideal for use within a commercial kitchen or a warehouse, the range of weigh scales are suitable for a multitude of different environments.

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