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Waste & Recycling Bins

Recycling and waste handling is becoming ever more important within our working environments. Businesses are encouraged to improve their carbon footprints, to seperate their waste and to recyle as much as possible. Working hand in hand with yourselves, Fletcher European provides a variety of waste and recycling equipment ideal for industries such as food manufacturing, retail, catering, waste & recycling management, pharmaceuticals, general manufacturing and many more. Our selection of wheelie bins and litter bins offer fantastic recepticles for inside or outside waste collection. Our range of recycling bins help to provide clearly marked waste bins for disposal of different types of recyclable waste. Helping to prepare your businesses for the cold and icy winter months, we also have a selection of grit bins and winter preperation kits, providing you with all of the essentials needed to ensure your working environment, car parks and driveways can stay safe.

Wheelie Bins

We have a huge selection of different sized wheelie bins to choose from. Available in a variety of different colours, our wheelie bins cater for a varying number of applications and are suitable for a host of different industries. We all produce waste, so whether you are within food manufacturing, textiles or catering we have a selection of waste collection solutions to suit your requirements. From an 80 litre wheelie bin up to as large as a 1100 litre capacity, you will find the right wheelie bins to implement into your waste & recycling systems.

Waste & Litter Bins

Waste and litter bins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, manufactured in a wide variety of materials. Here at Fletcher European we try to make the decision of sourcing a waste bin as simple as possible. Fantastic for food manufacturing sites, we offer a hygienic and easy to clean selection of stainless steel pedal bins. Our Supertuff plastic litter bins are produced in our UK factory and offer high quality waste disposal solutions for a vast array of environments. So whatever your requirement make sure you check out our impeccable range of high quality waste and litter bins.

Recycling Bins

Recycling can be a chore, but with our range of colour coded recycling bins hopefully you can do your part to help the planet. Available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles, our recycling bins aim to help seperating waste an easy and simple task. Included in this range of recycling bins are our very own Supertuff litter bins, available in almost any colour required they can be quickly and easily implemented into colour coded waste disposal systems.

Grit Bins

Our incredibly durable grit bins are designed to offer outstanding reliability, able to withstand the harsh winter weather. Produced via rotational moulding, the grit bins are produced from extremely strong plastic, nigh unbreakable. The grit bins feature a hinged lid that can be locked with a padlock and offers exemplary cover for the salt or grit contained inside. Watertight, these grit bins are perfect for keeping the icy and wet weather away from your salt stores. Our selection of grit bins contains two different sizes, a 200 Litre capacity and 350 litre capacity grit bin, each of which can be produced in a range of different colours if required.

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