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Heavy Duty Plastic Tanks

Fletcher European manufacture a range of heavy duty plastic tanks that are used throughout a number of industries including catering, food manufacturing, engineering, horticulture, pharmaceuticals, textiles, waste and recycling, the meat processing industry, farming, fish holding and general industry. Part of the rotoX range and suitable for such a wide variety of applications, our plastic tanks are incredibly robust and are ideal for use within industrial environments.

Produced using food grade polyethylene plastic, our heavy duty plastic tanks are ideal for food contact applications. The plastic container itself is produced in our UK factory via a rotational moulding process that ensures a smooth, seamless and watertight construction. The process also produces a plastic tank that is incredibly strong, nigh unbreakable, and is perfect for use within highly demanding environments such as food factories. The plastic containers smooth interior harnesses no awkward to clean crevices and so they are effortless to clean and impeccably hygienic.

The plastic tank range is comprised of 11 different models, spanning from as small as 45 litre capacities up to a 455 litre capacity plastic container. Popular within the food manufacturing industry and part of our exclusive rotoX range, the rotoXTK30, rotoXTK45, rotoXTK70 and rotoXTK100 are compatible with our standard stainless steel chassis trucks. We also offer a couple of plastic tanks with legs and feet. The CR210 and CR400 are ideal for standalone plastic tanks and are equipped as standard with drainage points.

Available in a multitude of colours, the plastic tanks can be produced in almost any colour you require, allowing you to adhere to colour coding. Optional extras also include food grade plastic lids to suit and drainage taps, bungs or plugs that can aid with emptying liquid contents. Stainless steel chassis trucks are also available to house these heavy duty plastic tanks, creating a mobile container truck that is well capable of handling heavier loads and liquids.

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