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Plastic Tanks with Mobile Stainless Steel Chassis

Perfectly suited for housing our rotoX heavy duty plastic tanks, we provide a variety of wheeled and mobile stainless steel chassis trucks to suit. Our chassis trucks are used in conjection with our plastic tanks to provide mobile containers and bins capable of handling heavy loads and are ideal for handling liquids. Used throughout the food manufacturing, textiles, waste and recycling, engineering and pharmaceutical industries, our chassis trucks are hygienically designed and suitable for demanding and high care environments.

Available as standard in four different models/sizes, designed to handle the rotoXTK30, rotoXTK45, rotoXTK70 and rotoXTK100 plastic tanks, our chassis trucks are produced from premium quality stainless steel. Rust and corrosion resistant, the stainless steel is highly durable and well suited for applications within challenging environments such as food factories and production plants. Combined with the plastic tank, the chassis trucks are often used as dough bins, handling large batches of dough within bakeries and food manufacturing facilities, or as makeshift decarbonising units. Able to hold liquids safely and securely, the chassis trucks can be filled with decarbonising solution and used for cleaning industrial kitchen utensils.

The four models of chassis trucks, including the rotoXCT30, rotoXCT45, rotoXCT70 and rotoXCT100, can all be modified with optional extras. To aid with emptying the plastic tanks contents, plastic drainage taps can be fitted, as well as bungs. Food grade plastic lids can be supplied to help with protecting and covering contents. The heavy duty plastic tanks themselves can be supplied in a plethora of different colours, almost any colour you could require, helping with colour coding and product separation.

With the choice of several optional extras, spare plastic tanks if required, labelling and lids, the range of chassis trucks is sure to provide you with a long lasting solution for storing and handling of heavy loads of products, and as part of the rotoX range, you can be assured of premium quality.

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