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Plastic Storage Tanks

Fletcher European Containers manufacture a wide range of heavy duty, seamless, industrial, plastic storage tanks for storage and materials handling applications. Our watertight plastic tanks offer a strong and durable solution for storing goods, waste, foods and ingredients and liquids and they are compatible with our stainless steel chassis mobiles. Ingredient dispensers manufactured from food grade plastic offer an efficient solution for storing bulk amounts of food ingredients and to assist the chemical dosing industry as well as general manufacturing we also manufacture a range of dosing tanks and bunds.

Produced using rotational moulding the heavy duty plastic tanks, plastic ingredient dispensers and chemical dosing tanks all consist of one-piece mouldings. Strong and durable the plastic tanks and plastic containers are seamless, watertight and resistant to cracking or denting. Ideal for industrial use the plastic containers are able to withstand the rigours associated with demanding environments.

Heavy Duty Plastic Tanks

Available in a range of 11 different sizes and models the heavy duty plastic tanks are part of our exclusive rotoX range of premium plastic products. Manufactured in our UK factory via a rotational moulding process, the plastic tanks prove to be incredibly strong and durable, well suited to industrial use. The plastic containers are produced from single one-piece moulds to ensure the plastic tank is seamless, watertight and incredibly robust.

Manufactured from a tough polyethylene material the heavy duty plastic tanks are resistant to breaking, cracking or denting. The stress-free moulding process ensures that the plastic storage tanks are well equipped for use within industrial environments. Used for storage and materials handling of the likes of waste and recycling materials, food produce and food ingredients, for liquids and much more; the plastic bins are often converted into makeshift decarbonisers within the food industry.

Some of our heavy duty plastic tanks are supplied complete with feet, allowing them to stand freely. The CR210 and CR400 each have a set of 4 feet that provide stable support for the plastic tank. The plastic storage tanks also incorporate a built in drainage hole, allowing you to easily empty out liquids that are being stored and help with cleaning tasks.

Plastic storage tanks

All of the rotoX range of heavy duty plastic tanks are available in a wide variety of colours to assist with colour coding practices. Ideal for high care environments such as pharmaceutical plants, food factories and food preparation areas the plastic storage containers can be used to help with product separation and product identification. Each size of plastic tank is also available with or without a plastic drop-on lid offering cover and protection of contents.

Some of our larger plastic storage tanks are compatible with our stainless steel chassis mobiles, offering a strong and sturdy mobile frame that can handle the plastic tanks, enabling you to easily manoeuvre them about a busy environment. The rotoXTK30, rotoXTK45, rotoXTK70 and rotoXTK100 are compatible with our standard sized stainless steel chassis mobiles. To assist with the handling and emptying of liquids the plastic storage tanks can be fitted with drainage taps and bungs.

Tanks and Chassis Mobiles

A number of our heavy duty plastic tanks are compatible with our stainless steel chassis trucks. Perfect for handling heavier loads and liquids the strong steel mobile frames provide an excellent solution for containment and storage of the plastic tanks. Our tanks and chassis mobiles are widely used throughout many industries for the handling and storage of heavy, bulky goods, large quantities of ingredients or food produce and liquids.

Creating a strong and durable mobile container the plastic tank and chassis mobile are both strong and resistant to cracking, denting, and corrosion and rusting. Large stainless steel chassis trucks, including the rotoXCT70 and rotoXCT100 are often used within the food industry as ingredient storage trucks. Able to handle large quantities of ingredients such as dough, flour or mixtures of ingredients, the mobile plastic tanks prove to be hygienic and suitable for food handling.

Stainless steel chassis trucks

Easily handled and highly manoeuvrable the rotoXCT30 and rotoXCT45 stainless steel chassis trucks each incorporate easy to grip handles to assist the operator and help to improve posture. The chassis trolleys are made from high grade stainless steel and the plastic tanks are manufactured from food grade polyethylene and are available with or without a plastic drop-on lid. Each of the plastic tanks is available in a wide variety of food approved colours, helping to assist with colour coded systems, product identification and product separation.

Fletcher European Containers also provide a labelling service for our plastic tanks and chassis mobiles. Perfect for displaying the contents of a chassis truck we can produce bespoke, scuff proof, adhesive labels that will clearly display product information or instructions for use and so on. For further details on labelling for our heavy duty plastic tanks and stainless steel chassis trucks please feel free to contact our sales team.

Food Ingredient Dispensers

Commonly used for the storage and dispense of food ingredients and dry food stuffs, these robust plastic containers can also be used for dispensing other materials, components or for the collection of waste. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene the plastic ingredient dispensers consist of a single one-piece moulding that is free from any crevices or dirt traps making them very hygienic.

Dry food dispensers are available in 3 different sizes including the rotoXTK15, rotoXTK20 and rotoXTK35. Each size offers a static solution for storing components or dry food ingredients such as flour and they are also easy to dispense from. Each food ingredient dispenser is supplied complete with a plastic lid and a PETG clear plastic flap that allows easy access to its contents.

Dry food dispensers

Each plastic ingredient dispenser has a different capacity, each able to store a different amount of dry food ingredients. For an example the rotoXTK15 can hold 1 x 25kg bag of flour, the rotoXTK20 can hold up to 2 x 25kg bags of flour and the rotoXTK35 ingredient dispensers can hold up to 3 x 25kg bags of flour (weight loadings will vary depending on the ingredient stored).

To help assist with colour coding these dry food dispensers are available in over 12 food approved colours. Help make product identification and separation an effortless task with an assortment of colour coded options and our bespoke labelling facility that will allow you to create bespoke adhesive labels clearing displaying the plastic dispensers contents.

The clear plastic flap for these food storage containers can be upgraded to a stainless steel one if required and for mobile ingredient dispensers, visit the food ingredient storage equipment section of the website.

Circular Plastic Storage Tanks

To compliment the range of plastic tanks Fletcher European Containers also manufacture a range of plastic storage tanks often called dosing tanks. Primarily produced for use within the chemical dosing industry this range of dosing tanks and bunds is ideal for the storage and containment of chemicals and liquids. Available in a range of different sizes the chemical dosing tanks and containment bunds are all produced via rotational moulding.

Chemical dosing tanks and bunds

Incredibly tough and durable the plastic tanks and bunds are manufactured from virgin, food grade polyethylene material. Resistant to cracking and denting the plastic storage tanks are ideal for industrial uses. To help contain spills and prevent leakages the bunds are developed to hold 110% volume of the corresponding tank. The plastic bunds incorporate a tapered design that allows them to be stacked when not in use helping them to save on essential storage space.

Each of the 6 different sizes of chemical dosing tanks has a stepped-top design that allows pumping apparatus to be easily fitted to the plastic storage tanks. The circular plastic tanks also have a moulded in graduation down one side allowing you to easily measure the contents of the container. The 6 sizes of dosing tanks include WT50 50 litre tanks, WT100 100 litre tanks, WT200 200 litre dosing tanks, WT300 300 litre plastic tanks, WT500 500 litre tanks and the WT1000 which is a 1000 litre chemical dosing tank.

Liquid storage tanks

Ideal for storing and handling liquids or chemicals the plastic storage tanks are constructed from single one-piece mouldings that ensure the plastic tanks are seamless and watertight. The circular plastic tanks are supplied complete with a tightly fitted plastic screw cap. Manufactured from virgin MDPE the liquid storage tanks are ideal for storing a wide range of different liquids and chemicals, for a full list of compatible chemicals please feel free to contact our expert sales team.

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