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Plastic Stacking & Stack Nest Containers

Fletcher European Containers are manufacturers of a comprehensive range of food grade plastic stacking containers, euro stacking containers, plastic boxes, plastic crates, stack and nest containers, bale arm crates and tote boxes. Many of these plastic containers, plastic boxes and plastic crates are used throughout industries such as food manufacturing and food processing, the bakery industry, meat processing and abattoirs, the confectionery trade, catering, hotel and hospitality, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, retail distribution and warehousing, engineering and electronics, farming and horticulture, textiles and clothing manufacturing and many more. The huge range includes plastic trays and storage containers seen in use throughout everyday industry within supermarkets, grocery shops, food banks, food factories, bakeries, removals, distribution, waste and recycling

To help make finding the correct plastic containers, plastic trays, plastic crates and plastic boxes a simple task we have broken the range down into several easily navigated sections. Select from the links below for Euro stacking containers, hygienic storage containers, stack nest containers, confectionery trays and attached lid boxes. As a proud UK stockist of Schoeller Allibert plastic trays, Euro containers and Maxinest bale arm crates, Fletcher European Containers holds large amounts of stock to ensure a fast and efficient order process.

Euro Plastic Stacking Containers

Euro stacking containers, often known as euro containers or euro boxes are plastic containers with or without lids, manufactured to a european standard footprint size of 400x300mm, 600x400mm or 800x600mm. Designed to be able to stack on top of one another the Euro containers typically share the same identical footprint which enables different models to inter work. The ability to stack is key for Euro stacking containers as they are commonly used for storage and distribution purposes. Designed to utilise as much of the available space as possible the plastic trays work well with euro plastic pallets, or euro pallets. Euro pallets have a standard size of 1200 x 800mm or 800 x 600mm and so the 600x400 Euro containers are able to stack efficiently onto them without any wasted space.

Manufactured from food grade polypropylene these euro stacking containers are a popular choice for high care environments and clean rooms, used frequently throughout the food industry for food handling and food storage as well as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, catering and hospitality, engineering and electronics due to their hygienic and easy to clean designs. Available in both solid and vented or perforated formats the euro boxes offer a strong and durable storage container for use in many different applications.

To enable you to easily handle and store bulk quantities of these Allibert plastic trays, Fletcher European Containers manufacture a variety of plastic dollies and euro plastic pallets to suit. Often called 600x400 plastic dollies, the rotoXD91 is a popular choice of plastic dolly to handle these 600x400 plastic containers. 600x400 wheeled dollies are manufactured from food grade polyethylene and prove to be incredibly durable solutions for handling stacks of Euro stacking containers safely and securely.

Hygienic Storage Containers

Fletcher European Containers manufacture a range of hygienic plastic containers, plastic trays and plastic boxes. Understanding the importance of high levels of hygiene, our variety of hygiene equipment and storage containers are used throughout many industries including food manufacturing and food processing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, catering and hospitality, meat processing and fish processing and the bakery industry to name a few. Each of these hygienic storage containers has a design that is easy to clean and free from dirt traps and crevices. Manufactured from food grade plastic materials the entire range of plastic containers prove to be ideal for high care, food contact and clean room environments.

Included in this range of hygienic plastic trays, plastic boxes and storage containers are a wide variety of plastic stacking containers that are available in numerous food approved colour options to assist with colour coding. The HYGIBOX, a trade marked name, is a Euro sized plastic stacking container that has been designed and developed by us to offer the ultimate hygiene container for use within the food industry. Available in 4 different sizes these 600x400 plastic boxes are rotationally moulded. This moulding process ensures that the HYGIBOX does not degrade, flake or produce swarf, ensuring a long lasting and reliable food handling and food storage container.

Often called meat trays, fish trays, food trays or food stacking trays our range of hygienic stacking containers are a popular choice for the meat processing and fish processing industries. Used to store and handle meats such as pork, beef and poultry these plastic stacking boxes have rounded corners and awkward to clean dirt traps. Ideally sized in European standard sizes of 400x300mm and 600x400mm these food handling containers are compatible with some of our Euro plastic dollies and Euro plastic pallets. Securely handling stacks of Euro sized stacking containers the rotoXD91 is a Euro plastic dolly perfect for 600x400 containers or even 2 stacks of 400x300 plastic containers.

Stack & Nest Containers

Fletcher European Containers offer a comprehensive range of both solid and perforated stack nest plastic containers, catering for a range of industries including import and export, food manufacturing and food processing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, catering and hospitality, engineering and general manufacturing; and retail distribution, for a number of storage and handling applications. The benefit of all of the stack / nest containers is the ability for them to pack down, nesting together when not in use to take up minimal space. 

We supply two main types of plastic stack nest crates, 180 degree stack nesters that feature clever 180 degree stack nest compatibility, stacking or nesting depending on which way round they are located. They feature strong, ergonomically designed handgrips, which give a firm grip when moving the stack of plastic containers. The second type of stack / nest trays we provide are Maxinest bale arm crates, often seen in supermarkets in the vegetable aisles, they feature a plastic bale arm that can be folded in or out to stack or nest. Many of these plastic stacking crates are available from stock in a wide range of colours to assist with colour coding and product identification. The colour coded plastic crates offer a hygienic and durable storage solution that also saves on space.

Perfect for transportation and distribution many of the plastic stack nest containers are compatible with standard Euro-sized pallets and our plastic dollies, often called 600x400 dollies. The rotoXD90 is a popular choice of plastic dolly for safely and securely handling Maxinest bale arm baskets. Commonly used as meat trays, fish crates and distribution baskets the range of stack nest plastic containers is ideal for food handling and food storage applications.

Confectionery Trays

Confectionery trays are plastic stacking trays often known as food trays, bakery trays or bread trays available in solid, semi-ventilated or fully vented formats. Initially designed and developed for use within the bakery industry in bakeries and industrial bakery plants these plastic trays are commonly used for the storage and handling of baked goods, bakery products, sweets and confectioneries. Popular food trays for point of sale display of pies, pastries, savoury goods, cakes and baked morning goods the confectionery trays are designed to be easily handled and stackable, regardless of the model or format of bakery tray. Equipped with easily gripped hand holes on the short sides the confectionery trays prove to be ideal plastic stacking trays for food handling.

Proud UK stockists of Schoeller Allibert confectionery trays, Fletcher European Containers hold a huge number of bakers trays in stock in a variety of food approved colours to assist with colour coding. Colour coding is important within the bakery industry and so we ensure that we can offer fast and efficient delivery times on all confectionery trays and colour coded bakery equipment.

To assist with the storage and handling of bakery trays Fletcher European Containers manufacture specifically designed plastic dollies to suit this range of confectionery trays. The rotoXD36 is a plastic dolly with a solid closed deck and the rotoXD38 has an open deck. Both of these confectionery tray dollies are ideal for handling stacks of bakery trays safely and securely. Complementing the range we also provide bakery trolleys manufactured from stainless steel in several standard or bespoke sizes.

Attached Lid Containers

Attached lid containers are plastic containers with an attached hinged lid. Commonly known as tote boxes the plastic boxes are often used for many storage and handling applications. A popular choice for many industries including warehousing and retail distribution, engineering and general manufacturing, waste and recycling, removals and industrial storage; tote boxes are used for office moves, domestic house moves, general storage, events and exhibitions. These industrial plastic boxes are incredibly robust and are designed to be reused time and time again. The hinged lid meets in the centre of the plastic container to create a secure storage box.

Ensuring that the attached lid containers keep their contents safe and secure during transit, tamper evident seals can be provided. These seals ensure that the attached hinged lid cannot be opened without breaking the seal and due to the strong plastic hinges, the attached lid cannot be removed. The plastic boxes are able to stack on top of one another when the lids are closed and nest when the container is empty, saving up to 75% of the space. Tote boxes are stack nest containers that offer industries such as logistics and transportation a space saving storage and handling solution.

These industrial quality plastic crates are available in a wide range of sizes as well as in food grade material and recycled plastic. Often called Eco tote boxes, the recycled plastic stacking boxes are just as strong and durable as their virgin material counterparts but they offer a cost effective alternative for non-food handling applications.

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