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Pallet Boxes

Our pallet box category caters to a wide variety of needs, ranging from typical plastic pallet boxes to the fabulous space saving collapsible pallet boxes and then the robust rentention cages.

The plastic pallet boxes feature many different options, such as solid walled pallet boxes or perforated walled pallet boxes, UK sized pallet boxes or Euro sized pallet boxes. All the plastic pallet boxes we list can be supplied with an optional drop on lid to protect their contents.

Within the collapsible pallet box section you will find all the foldable pallets we supply - designed to be as space saving as possible. Or, if you are looking for something more robust, then why not browse our wire mesh cages - simple but strong zinc plated cages ideal for self-contained storage.

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Plastic Pallet Boxes
Collapsible Pallet Boxes
Collapsible Mesh Cages & Retention Cages