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Euro Tote Bins

Plastic eurobins, tote bins and stainless steel euro bins have been used throughout the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and meat industries for many years. For such a long time, these euro tote bins were only available in stainless steel, however Fletcher European Containers developed and now manufacture a food grade polyethylene plastic equivalent, to give you a plastic tote bin perfect for the food industry. Produced in our UK factory, via rotational moulding, our plastic euro bins offer a long lasting, rust and corrosion free, incredibly durable plastic option that will fit right into your food processing applications. Ideal for the food industry, our EB03 plastic tote bins are available in a wide range of colours.

Our EB03 plastic tote bins have a capacity of 200 litres and are produced from food grade plastic, incorporating an extremely hygienic design that is effortless to clean. With no awkward crevices or hard to navigate dirt traps, the EB03 plastic euro bin is perfect for hygiene sensitive environments, such as food factories. As the manufacturer of the EB03 plastic euro tote bins, Fletcher European offer a huge variety of different colour options to enable you to adhere to colour coding practices, assist with practical product identification and separation as well help to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Commonly used within the food manufacturing and meat industry as mixing containers and ingredient bins, holding large amounts of meat products, the plastic euro bins can be equipped with stainless steel lifting lugs. Allowing the euro bins to be easily integrated into automated production lines the optional lifting lugs enable the plastic euro bins to be lifted and tipped with ease by standard bin tippers. Our plastic tote bins also incorporate a moulded pushing handle to allow easy manoeuvring and handling about a challenging environment.

Designed to reduce noise levels within a busy food factory, the plastic euro tote bins are also available with optional plastic lids. To suit both the EB03 plastic tote bins as well as our selection of stainless steel euro bins, the EB01 and EB02, our colour coded food grade plastic lids offer exemplary cover and protection of contents as well as allowing you to colour code your existing stainless steel tote bins.

Offering significant operational benefits when compared to its stainless steel alternatives, the plastic euro tote bin is quieter and lighter, making it easier to handle and manoeuvre. The plastic double-skinned construction of the EB03 tote bin also provides good insulating properties and resistance, making it a widely suitable storage and handling solution for use across the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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