IBC & Drum Spill Containment
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IBC & Drum Spill Containment

Fletcher European Containers supply a huge range of drum spill equipment including drum spill pallets, heavy duty sump pallets, durable drum flooring, IBC sump pallets, plastic drum trays, bunded drum sump pallets and drum spillshaks. All of our spill control equipment is produced to a high level of quality and provides effective, heavy duty and robust spill containment solutions, commonly used within food manufacturing, biofuel, chemical, oil and pharmaceutical industries.

Bunded drum sump pallets and IBC spill pallets are both manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) to provide incredibly robust solutions for spill control and containment. Sump pallets, also known as spill pallets incorporate a durable plastic grid that the IBC container or plastic drum tank sits on and a sump for collecting and controlling any spillages or leaks. Ideal for storing varying numbers of liquid storage tanks and drums, our drum spill containment products including the drum trays, drum flooring and bunded drum sump pallets can be supplied in a vast range of different sizes and formats. Drum spill pallets are available to suit the containment of a single metal drum up to as many as 8 plastic drums at a time.

Bunded flooring provides many businesses with a means for storing liquids, oils and chemicals at a lower more manageable working level. Available in a variety of sizes that can be fitted together to form an endless number of configurations, the drum flooring is perfect for any sized space and can be tailored to suit your individual requirement. All of the bunded flooring includes its own varying sump capacity ensuring that leaks and spills are contained.

A popular solution providing effective spill containment for IBC containers is our selection of heavy duty IBC spill pallets. These IBC sump pallets incorporate huge sumps to ensure that any leaks or spillages from the IBC containers is controlled. The IBC spill pallets can be fitted with optional overflow spill trays, helping to collecting any spillages from taps that may be fitted to the IBC container. Our IBC bunded pallet has a removable plastic grid mesh that enables effective cleaning of the sump pallet. All of the IBC spill pallets are equipped with fork pockets to allow you to manoeuvre and reposition the bunded pallets using a fork lift truck.

Perfect for low level spill control our drum trays and spill trays provide excellent spill containment for smaller liquid holding tanks and domestic cleaning products. Alongside bunded drum sump pallets we also provide a variety of bunded pallet converters, allowing Euro sized plastic pallets to be used as effective drum spill containment. Portable bunds are available to allow mobile spill control and a selection of racking bunded drum spill pallets, usable within pallet racking, can be provided.

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