Plastic Inter Stacking Bins

Fletcher European Containers are a UK manufacturer of a range of 4 plastic inter stacking bins. Harnessing the ability to inter-stack with one another and their corresponding plastic dollies regardless of their height, the plastic stacking bins are commonly known as ingredient bins or bakery bins due to their ever increasing popularity within the bakery industry and food manufacturing. Rotationally moulded from a tough and durable, food grade polyethylene the plastic containers prove to be reliable and long lasting pieces of food storage and food handling equipment.

Encompassing a simple, crevice free design that can be effortlessly cleaned and maintained the food grade bins prove themselves to be incredibly hygienic and well suited for use within high care environments such as a food factory or bakery. Resistant to scratching, denting and cracking the plastic inter stacking bins are ideal for almost any industrial environment and so they are widely used across a variety of different industries including catering and hospitality, warehousing and retail distribution, engineering and electronics, textiles and general industry as well as waste and recycling.

The bakery bins are ideal for colour coded practices and are available in a huge range of different food approved colour options. To assist with food product handling and storage the plastic stacking tubs can also be modified and optional extras are available such as stacking bin dollies, tag slots, bespoke labelling, moulded-in graphics and much more. Continue reading to find out more about the Fletcher European Containers range of plastic inter stacking bins.

Ingredient bins

Manufactured from food grade polyethylene the plastic inter-stacking bins are well suited for use within food contact applications and are often used for the storage and handling of food ingredients. The food grade bins exhibit a simple design that can be easily put to use in a huge variety of different environments helping to save on storage space with their ability to be inter-stacked regardless of the model.

Available in 4 different sizes including the rotoXT01, rotoXT02, rotoXT03 and rotoXT04 each size of ingredient bin has an identical base diameter that allows it to stack on top of any other size of stacking bin as well as the range of plastic dollies available for inter stackable bins. A plastic lid is available for the plastic ingredient bins to provide cover and protection of the plastic tubs contents. One size fits all with regards to the plastic lid and the lid is also designed to allow the plastic bins to continue to inter stack even when the lid is in place.

Perfect for keeping track of your dry food stuffs and ingredients the plastic stacking bin can be supplied in a huge variety of colour coded options. Perfect for helping with product identification and separation the wide range of colours allows you to colour code your products and our bespoke labelling service can help further improve your storage management. Fletcher European Containers can help design and create bespoke adhesive labels to easily state the contents of the plastic stacking tubs.

Bakery bins

An ever increasingly popular choice for the bakery industry within small bakeries and industrial bakery plants our range of plastic inter stacking tubs have commonly become known as bakery bins. Ideal for storing and handling ingredients such as flour or dough the crevice-free design of the plastic containers enables them to be easily cleaned without leaving any sticky residues behind.

Plastic lids help to keep food contents covered and protected and also allow the bakery bins to stack even with lids in place. The bottom of the plastic stacking bin can be removed and replaced with an industrial stainless steel sieve if required to provide a large sieving solution for bulk quantities of flour. Tag slots can be cut into the rim of the plastic inter stacking bin to allow product identification tags to be easily applied and internal plastic dividers can be supplied to help separate the bakery tubs contents.

A favourite amongst bakeries the range of bakery tubs can be modified to include moulded-in graphics. Industrial bakery plants commonly implement bar codes into the plastic bins to help with product identification as well as the tracking of their ingredients and food produce. If you would like more information on moulded-in graphics please feel free to contact our dedicated sales team.

Mobile sieve units

Due to the plastic inter stacking bins ability to stack on top of one another and their compatibility with the plastic dolly rotoXDSB, mobile sieving units can be easily created. For example the rotoXT02 can be equipped with a sieve for a base and then positioned on top of the rotoXT03 which in turn is placed on the rotoXDSB plastic dolly to allow the unit to be easily wheeled about. These mobile sieving units are an ideal solution for sieving batch quantities of flour for example within an industrial bakery plant.

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