Ingredient Storage Trolleys

Fletcher European Containers manufacture a comprehensive range of ingredient bins and food handling containers perfect for food handling and ingredient storage applications. To compliment this range of plastic containers we also supply a variety of ingredient storage trolleys and stainless steel mobile racks to suit. Ideal for use within high care environments such as those within the food manufacturing and food processing, hospitality and catering, pharmaceuticals and healthcare; and the bakery industry our range of ingredient storage trolleys and ingredient bins are tough, durable and hygienic and are fit for purpose within commercial businesses, often working in demanding conditions, such as 24 hour working/7 days a week. Our factory is 9001 accredited to give buyers the assurance they need in selecting this type of equipment.

Food ingredient storage trolleys

The rotoXFMR and rotoXFBR are both stainless steel mobile racks supplied with either 3 or 6 food handling containers. Manufactured from a robust stainless steel, the stainless steel trolleys are incredibly durable and resistant to rusting and corrosion. Both ingredient storage trolleys are supplied as standard with 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors with polypropylene wheels, ideal for manoeuvring about a busy kitchen or food factory. Easily cleaned, the mobile stainless steel racks are designed to hold the rotoXFB which are ingredient bins perfect for food storage and ingredient handling. Manufactured from food grade polyethylene the rotoXFB are plastic stacking containers supplied complete with plastic drop-on lids as standard.

The plastic stacking boxes are ideal for when space is at a premium as they are able to stack on top of one another with lids in place as well as when lids are removed. When the plastic drop-on lid is in place the plastic boxes securely sit within the lids raised edges and then when the lids are removed, small feet near the base of the food ingredient containers sit on the rim of the plastic container below. The ingredient bins are available in a huge variety of different food approved colours to assist with colour coding as well as product identification and separation.

Originally designed to be used within the bakery industry as a fat box, a food grade plastic container to hold blocks of fat or lard, the rotoXFB is now widely used throughout the food industry for the storage and handling of many dry foods and ingredients. Certified for use within food contact applications the ingredient bins are able to be supplied with tag slots to assist with product identification and Fletcher European Containers also offer a labelling service for all of our food ingredient containers. Bespoke adhesive labels can be produced to help with identifying the contents of the plastic stacking containers, such as flour, dried fruit or cocoa powder for example.

Stainless steel trolleys with ingredient bins

The rotoXF8 and the rotoXF10 are both stainless steel trolleys supplied complete with ingredient storage bins. Highly durable, the stainless steel trolleys provide a mobile rack for the ingredient bins creating a mobile ingredient storage solution. The rotoXF8 is a stainless steel mobile rack with 9 rotoXID8 and the rotoXF10 is supplied complete with 3 rotoXID8 and 3 rotoXTK15. The rotoXID8 are ingredient dispensers designed to store ingredients and allow quick and easy dispense due to their clear plastic flaps. The rotoXTK15 is an ingredients bin designed for under table storage of dry foods and ingredients.

Manufactured from food grade polyethylene both of the ingredient bins are produced in our UK factory via a rotational moulding process that ensures an incredibly strong and durable food handling container. The rotoXID8 is a table-top ingredient dispenser that is supplied complete with a clear plastic PETG flap for easy access. The plastic flaps for these plastic ingredient dispensers can be upgrade to stainless steel if required.

The rotoXTK15 is a static version of our rotoXM15 which are mobile ingredient bins. Perfect for storing bulk amounts of dry foods and ingredients such as flour, cereals and grain products these under-table ingredient dispensers provide a large food handling container with an easy access flip-top lid. The rotoXF15 is an ingredient dispenser trolley that is supplied complete with 3 ingredient storage containers. Both the rotoXID8 and rotoXTK15 are available in a wide range of food approved colours to help the food ingredient containers assist with colour coded systems.

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