Why have so many industries taken to using plastic mobile bins? Why should you consider mobile container trucks?

We have touched on Fletcher European’s extensive range of plastic mobile bins before but this time we would like to shine some light on the reason why these mobile container trucks are red hot pieces of equipment throughout a vast number of industries at present. mobile container truck







For those of you who are tuning in for the first time we will quickly touch on the manufacturing process that these incredibly robust plastic mobile bins go through to get from a bag of powder to the asset in storage and handling they become. The rotoX brand ensures a premium quality that is exclusive to Fletcher European. Why is it exclusive? Because we are the manufacturers of these exquisite plastic mobile containers and therefore we have complete control on the level of quality at which they are produced.

We make these plastic mobile bins using a manufacturing process called rotational moulding. Fine food grade plastic powder is placed into a mould and slid into large oven. The plastic is then slowly cooked whilst being rotated within the mould, (that’s where the name comes from #spoiler). Inside the mobile container trucks mould the liquefied plastic runs to the sides and edges and spreads out to form the plastic tank. As this done within a single one-piece mould the resulting plastic mobile bins are seamless and watertight. Inserts are moulded into the base and so once the product has finished cooking and is sufficiently cooled the wheels are then easily attached. Each plastic mobile container then goes through numerous quality checks throughout the trimming and tidying processes to provide you with a plastic mobile bin of exemplary, rotoX quality.

Enough of the science behind it all, you want to know what’s the most popular models and why right? Well the rotoXM70 and the rotoXM100 are the mobile container trucks with all the pizazz. Read on to find out why.



320 litre capacity of sheer robustness the rotoXM70 are plastic mobile bins designed to and proven to be the princes of bulk mobile storage. The sleek and smooth food grade polyethylene plastic is hard wearing and reliable, providing a tough plastic mobile container that is well suited for almost any industrial environment.

Within the food production and processing industry these mighty wheeled mobile containers offer a hygienic collection and transport solution for finished produce, effective mixing receptacles for ingredients as well as watertight bathing units for pieces of equipment requiring cleaning.

The textiles industry loves to use the rotoXM70 as an easy to clean laundry and clothing collection trolley. Equipped with a reinforced plastic baseboard the rotoXM70 has often been used within the waste and janitorial industries for waste collection and for the retail industry these plastic mobile bins are effective and efficient for restocking applications. With 320 litre capacity the rotoXM70 does offer a large storage solution without taking up too much space.



The king of mobile container trucks, the rotoXM100 is the largest of the rotoX brand providing a whopping 455 litres of storage capacity. Within larger production facilities or within warehousing often ‘the bigger the better’ is the case, that’s where the rotoXM100 comes in. Nigh unbreakable, the plastic is designed to taken the strains of use within demanding environments. The plastic mobile containers can be fitted with plastic handles to make the handling of such large pieces of equipment easier and it also negates the need for the operator to bend or stoop, improving posture. Highly manoeuvrable each of the rotoXM100 are fitted with two swivel and 2 fixed castors, all of which can be upgraded on request.

Just like the rotoXM70, the rotoXM100 can be supplied in almost any colour, so you can implement colour coding practices or install them straight into systems already in place. You can even keep to that company colour scheme you love so much!

Unlike metal storage bins the rotoXM70 and the rotoXM100 offer mobile plastic bins that won’t rust or corrode, can be used indoors and outdoors and are so easy to clean you won’t even mind being tasked with the job of scrubbing them down. All these amazing attributes are the reason why mobile container trucks are flooding out of our UK factory and helping the worlds industries move forward.