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The Fletcher European range of food grade mixing bowls includes a variety of plastic mixing bowls, stainless steel bowls and plastic inter-stackable bins. Designed and developed to be incredibly hygienic pieces of food industry equipment, our plastic mixing bowls and plastic stackable storage bins are produced from food grade polyethylene. Perfect for use as ingredient bins, the plastic mixing bowls are a popular choice within bakeries, butchers, food processing, catering and the meat industry, their large capacities making for ideal plastic bowls for mixing meat with flavourings and preservatives.

As part of the exclusive rotoX range of plastic products, the rotoXB19 and rotoXB24 plastic mixing bowls offer premium quality. Manufactured in our own UK factory via a rotational moulding process, the plastic mixing bowls are incredibly robust, ideal for industrial applications within food manufacturing. Their smooth and seamless construction make them effortless to clean and the bowls can be supplied in a wide selection of colours, allowing effective colour coding.

Providing a working height option for storing and transporting the rotoXB24 mixing bowls, we have developed a stainless steel stand to suit. The rotoXB24STSS provides a highly manoeuvrable way of handling the large capacity plastic mixing bowls and can withstand the rigours of industrial use. Ideal for butchers the stainless steel mixing bowl stand allows you to work with the bowls contents without having to bend or stoop.

Also included in this range, and a part of the rotoX brand, our plastic inter-stacking bins are perfect for food ingredient storage and handling applications. The rotoXT01, rotoXT02, rotoXT03 and rotoXT04 all exhibit the exact same base diameter measurement, allowing the plastic stacking bins to inter-work with each other, regardless of size. This identical base measurement also enables the plastic stackable storage bins to be compatible with our rotoXDSB plastic dollies. Available in a wide range of colours to assist with colour coding, the plastic inter-stacking bins are ideal for use as flour bins, ingredient bins, meat or fish tubs within the food manufacturing and catering industries as well as bakeries, butchers and many more food handling environments.

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