At Fletcher European we take quality very seriously, this applies to the products we manufacture and supply, as well as the high level of service we strive to provide.  Many of our customers operate in the food production sector so rely on the products and service we provide, it is therefore paramount that we continue to offer consistent quality of performance in all areas of the business.  To demonstrate our commitment to quality and help us maintain it, we up hold an ISO9001:2015 quality accreditation.  However what does this really mean?  This post digs a little deeper to give a clear overview of what an ISO accreditation really is and how it benefits us as a business as well as our customers.



ISO stands for international Organization for Standardisation. They are essentially a global network of standardisers that develop and maintain international standards.  In a nutshell, ISO 9001 is a standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system. This helps businesses be more efficient and in turn helps them offer a better service to their customers.  The standard applies to all areas of a business from the office and factory, right through to despatch of goods.  It ensures that each function of the business operates as efficiently as possible, with procedures in place for each element in the quality manual.  To earn an ISO accreditation a company is audited annually by an independent body to ensure that they are following the required procedures.  Regular internal audits then take in place to make sure that the quality manual laid out, is followed correctly and is working efficiently.  We feel that these audits are a crucial way of maintaining and improving our overall performance, by promoting a culture of continuous improvement.  When carrying out an audit of a particular process, any issues or problem, no matter how small are highlighted and the processes improved to prevent them from repeating.  In an ever changing market, this process of continuous improvement ensures our quality system develops and reacts to the needs of our customers.

As a manufacturer, consistent product quality is crucial.  During our production, warehousing and despatch processes, products go through a number of check points to ensure that the quality of the items produced is consistently high.  Through our tried and trusted supply chain we are able to source components and materials that meet the demands of our customers.  When selecting and working with external suppliers quality is a major factor in the selection process, ensuring products themselves consistently meet the required standards and the service provided meet our requirements. 


Earlier this year we launched rotoX, a new brand which is exclusive to Fletcher European Containers.  This means that any product branded or marketed as part of the rotoX range has been manufactured in our UK factory.  We hope that this gives our customers the confidence and assurance that when purchasing a rotoX product they can expect it to meet the high quality standards we strive for.   

Overall our ISO accreditation is something we are very proud of and we hope it is a tangible way of demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality and service.