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Utensils & Sundry Equipment

Our range of utensils & sundry equipment is a varied mix of tools and equipment compiled for use within food manufacturing and catering environments. Our plastic hand tools include scoops, scrapers, paddles and shovels, which are all produced from food grade material and are available in a choice of colours. We also offer a range of metal detectable items, produced in plastic that has been configured to trigger standard metal detectors. Alongside the plastic equipment we also offer high grade stainless steel utensils such as scoops, scrapers, bowls and jugs. To complete our range, we offer electrical apparatus including weighing scales and thermometers.

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Scoops & Jugs
Scrapers & Stirrers
Paddles & Shovels
Stainless Steel Utensils
Knives & Chopping Boards
Weigh Scales & Thermometers