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Plastic Troughs & Chassis Trucks

Used across a number of contrasting industries our range of plastic troughs and trough units as well our chassis trucks and plastic tanks provide exemplary means of durable and reliable handling solutions. Used frequently throughout the food processing and meat industry our plastic troughs are of a food grade certified plastic material that is easy to clean and very hygienic. Often used as cleaning station units for the cleaning of utensils and apparatus our trough units are a popular choice for butchers and pharmaceutical factories. Perfect for general industry applications our heavy duty chassis trucks have a stainless steel framework and incredibly tough plastic tank.

Plastic Troughs & Trough Units

Produced from food grade polyethylene plastic, the plastic troughs are both hygienic and durable. The plastic troughs themselves can be supplied in a large assortment of colours, allowing you to easily adhere to colour coding. The stainless steel trough units are hard wearing and well equipped for use within challenging environments such as within industrial kitchens and food processing plants. Available with a number of optional additions or modifications such as plastic lids, drainage plugs and bungs the plastic troughs offer an ideal means for washing and cleaning of raw ingredients and produce.

Chassis Trucks & Plastic Tanks

Ideal for use across a number of contrasting industries including retail, food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, general manufacturing and catering our stainless steel chassis trucks and heavy duty plastic tanks are both incredibly durable and amazingly hygienic. The plastic tanks are produced using a single one-piece mould, ensuring a seamless and incredibly robust plastic construction that is nigh unbreakable. The plastic tanks design also ensures that it is watertight and straight forward to clean as there are no crevices or dirt traps. Available in a range of colours, our plastic tanks and chassis trucks are perfect for handling large heavy loads, when a standard alternative would break or bow.

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Plastic Troughs & Trough Units
Chassis Trucks & Plastic Tanks