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Plastic Tanks

Incredibly strong and well designed for use across a plethora of industrial environments our selection of plastic tanks, chassis trucks and food ingredient dispensers flaunt a host of amazing attributes. From nigh unbreakable heavy duty plastic tanks that are perfect for use within the pharmaceutical or food processing industries as liquid or chemical storage, to our exemplary chassis trucks that are more than capable of being used for challenging manufacturing applications, we are sure to have the right storage solution that suits your requirements. Our static food ingredient dispensers are produced from food grade plastic and make impeccable ingredient bins for use within the catering trade.

Heavy Duty Plastic Tanks

A simple yet incredibly reliable product, our range of plastic tanks are all designed for use within demanding environments. Their heavy duty food grade plastic construction allows them to cope with repetitive strains, often associated with industrial applications. The plastic tanks are produced in numerous shapes, sizes and colours, catering for a host of requirements. Each and every plastic tank is produced from single one-piece moulds, ensuring a watertight, seamless and nigh unbreakable piece of equipment. We can modify the plastic tanks to include lids, drainage taps and plugs as well as supplying chassis trucks to suit, ideal for heavy loads in warehousing and general manufacturing industries.

Chassis Trucks

With frames constructed from stainless steel, these hard wearing chassis trucks combined with our very own heavy duty plastic tanks offer a robust storage and handling option, ideal for the transporting and manouvring of heavy loads. Perfect for use within the likes of food factories and the retail industries, these chassis trucks are designed to be easily cleaned and require very little maintenance. Providing years of reliable service, the chassis trucks can also be modified to incorporate plastic drainage taps.

Food Ingredient Dispensers

Food grade plastic food ingredient dispensers offer a durable and easily cleanable ingredient storage solution. These nigh unbreakable plastic ingredient bins are supplied complete with plastic lids and a clear food approved PETG plastic flap, enabling efficient filling and dispense from the unit. Each of the different sized food ingredient dispenser is available in an array of colours, allowing you to effectively seperate and identify between different products or ingredients, making them an amazing addition to industrial kitchens, bakeries, general manufacturing, catering and so many industries.

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