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Plastic Pallet Boxes

Pallet Boxes are essentially large heavy duty bulk containers that are designed to be used within pallet racking. Fletcher European provide a number of plastic pallet boxes that are equipped with either feet, castors or runners (skids) allowing the pallet boxes to be used and stored in a number of different environments. All our plastic pallet boxes (also known as dolav bins) provide easy access for fork lift trucks and pallet trucks, making handling of the pallet boxes an easy and simple task. Suitable for food manufacturing applications, many of the plastic pallet boxes are produced using food grade plastic and can be supplied in ventilated models, perfect for storing and transporting perishable goods.

Food grade plastic pallet boxes are ideal for use within the food and drink industry, although their robust and durable construction makes them also well suited for general industry, manufacturing and warehousing applications. Available in grey with an optional lid, our Euro pallet boxes BP1210GR are stocked in large numbers in our UK warehouse and so are available for immediate despatch. Available with feet, skids (runners) or wheels, these industrial pallet boxes are produced in a scratch resistant plastic material and incorporate smooth inner and outer walls that enable them to be easily cleaned. Supplied in ISO and Euro dimensions, the BP1210GR plastic pallet box is stackable, even with the lids placed on.

Produced from food grade plastic and a favourite amongst the food industry, the DL1210A, DL1210AP, DL1208S and DL1208P pallet boxes flaunt a robust and hygienic design that is free from dirt traps and easily cleaned. The plastic pallet boxes include integral moulded runners that enable safe tipping on fork lift trucks and they are all available in a wide variety of colours to allow for colour coding. The DL1210A and DL1208S pallet boxes are equipped with 3 and 2 runners consecutively and have solid plastic sides and base. The DL1210AP and DL1208P plastic pallet boxes have ventilated sides and are ideal for storing and transporting perishable goods such as fish, fruit and vegetables as the vents allow for efficient air flow.

Where space is of a premium, smaller capacity pallet boxes may be required. We offer a variety of smaller sized plastic pallet boxes, easily distinguished by their red/brown colour. The 27250, 27600 and 27601 pallet boxes are ideal for small applications and where space is tight. Able to be used within pallet racking these pallet boxes are equipped with runners, allowing them to be easily handled by pallet trucks and fork lift trucks.

Foldable pallet boxes are extremely convenient when not in use as they save on huge amounts of storage space. Whilst fully collapsed the pallet boxes can be stacked on top of each other, taking up a fraction of the space. Our range of collapsible or foldable pallet boxes are ideal for the removal, distribution and logistics industries, helping to save on space on return journeys.

Fletcher European stock Dolav plastic pallet boxes in large quantities to enable us to meet your demands fast and efficiently. Stocked in several colour options including red and blue, the plastic pallet boxes are available for immediate dispatch. For more information on availability of colour coded bulk boxes, please feel free to contact our dedicated sales team.

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