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Plastic Pallets & Plastic Pallet Boxes

Not only used for distribution and transportation of products and goods, plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes have become essential pieces of equipment for large businesses throughout the world. Providing a range of plastic pallets, both open decked and incredibly hygienic closed deck plastic pallets, Fletcher European offers a plentiful selection of storage and handling equipment for use in warehousing, food manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, retail, import and exports, recycling and many more industries. Plastic pallet boxes are ideal means for storage of heavy or large amounts of goods and produce. Our easy to clean hygienic plastic pallet boxes are perfect for storing and transporting food ingredients and food produce. To help you with the handling of these essential pieces of storage equipment, we offer a selection of pallet trucks, sack trucks and lifting tables. Our pallet trucks can be supplied in a range of for widths and sizes, allowing you to manoeuvre your plastic pallets or plastic pallet boxes about with ease. Helping to prevent or reduce the effects of hazards caused by spillages and leakages, our range of bunded pallets and IBC bunds offer industrial environments, such as pharmaceutical plants or food production facilities the best equipment to handle the storage of liquids or chemicals.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer a range of different open decked and closed decked, ventilated and perforated plastic pallets to suit a host of different applications. Incredibly hygienic, our selection of closed deck plastic pallets are straight forward to clean and free from dirt traps, helping to improve levels of hygiene during storage and transport of goods and materials. The plastic pallet has almost negated the need to wooden pallets, proving to be reliable and long lasting, used time and time again and providing a more hygienic method of storage for the likes of food manufacturing and pharmaceutical environments. Stocked in bulk quantities you can be sure to find the plastic pallets that best suit your requirements.

Plastic Pallet Boxes

From 260 litre to 610 litre capacity plastic pallet boxes, here at Fletcher European we look to offer a vast range of plastic pallet boxes to help suit a host of different applications. Typically used for storage of goods of materials the pallet boxes offer a secure and efficient means for transporting and storing large quantities, or heavy loads of products. Produced from food grade plastic, a number of our plastic pallet boxes are designed to store food ingredients and produce, allowing the food manufacturing as well as distribution industries to easily transport large amounts of food produce up and down the country. Easily cleaned, our plastic pallet boxes are hygienic solutions and can be used as large mixing vats. With various numbers of runners available, the plastic pallet boxes can be used in conjunction with pallet trucks and fork lift trucks, enabling some of them to be tipped on rotating forks.

Pallet Trucks

To compliment the ranges of plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes we offer a selection of different sized pallet trucks as well as sack trucks and lifting tables. The pallet trucks are designed to make light work of manoeuvring heavy loads about a factory or warehouse. With a variety of fork widths and lengths to choose from you will be able to find a pallet truck that best suits your needs.

IBC Bunds & Bunded Pallets

Hard wearing and incredibly durable, our IBC bund range and selection of bunded pallets are designed to help prevent spillages and leakages when storing chemicals or liquids. Perfect for the likes of the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries, these bunded pallets are available in a variety of different sizes to suit different numbers of plastic tanks or barrels. Our IBC bunds have large sumps, designed to hold large amount of liquids should the IBC containers unfortunately leak. Ideal for use within industrial settings, these bunded pallets and IBC bunds help to prevent the potential hazards that often accompany the storing of chemicals and liquids.

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