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Stainless Steel Chassis Trucks

To complement our range of plastic mobile container trucks, we offer a variety of stainless steel chassis trucks to aid in the handling of heavy loads and liquids. Ideal for many different industries, our chassis trucks are used within food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, engineering, warehousing, waste and recycling and general industry. Providing a rust and corrosion resistant stainless steel framework for our rotoX food grade polyethylene plastic tanks, the chassis trucks are well designed for industrial applications.

The stainless steel chassis trucks can be produced in any size required, however we do supply four different sizes as standard. Designed to house heavy duty plastic tanks with capacities from 135 litres up to a huge 455 litres our chassis trucks are incredibly robust and highly manoeuvrable. The stainless steel chassis trucks are well designed for use within hygiene sensitive environments such as food factories, and are commonly used to provide plastic mobile bins for handling heavier loads.

Often used as dough bins, for allowing large quantities of dough to rise, the chassis trucks are also sometimes converted into makeshift decarbonising units. Able to handle liquids with ease, food manufacturing plants and industrial kitchens will often fill these plastic tanks with decarbonising solutions to soak their soiled equipment in. The stainless steel chassis trucks can be modified to accommodate a plastic tap, allowing you to easily empty any liquids contained.

The plastic tanks that sit inside these chassis trucks, are produced via a rotational moulding process. This plastic moulding process ensures that the plastic tank is incredibly robust and as it is manufactured using a single one-piece mould, the plastic tank is also watertight and seamless. This single one-piece mould is incredibly easy to clean, and being produced from food grade polyethylene plastic, it is perfect for food contact applications. Fletcher European manufacture the heavy duty plastic tanks in our UK factory and we offer a wide range of colours, enabling you to adhere to colour coding practices.

Our stainless steel chassis trucks are available in four standard sizes, including the rotoXCT30, rotoXCT45, rotoXCT70 and the rotoXCT100. Supplied complete with a incredibly durable plastic tank, optional plastic lids are available for protection and covering of contents. We also provide spare plastic tanks if required, for more information on these heavy duty plastic tanks visit the Plastic Tanks section of the website.

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