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Bottle Skips

Fletcher European manufacture a range of plastic bottle skips, bottle bins and bar trucks that are commonly seen within pubs and restaurants and used throughout the catering industry and hospitality as a whole. Mainly used for collecting empty or used glass bottles, our selection of different sized durable bottle skips (bottle bins) offer a durable yet lightweight plastic container truck that is suitable for many other industrial or commercial applications.

Manufactured in a light blue colour as standard, our plastic bottle skips are available in a selection of five different models, with capacities spanning from 125 litres up to 185 litres. Each model of industrial bottle skip is designed to fit easily into tight spaces, such as behind counters or under and behind bars. Their lightweight design makes them highly manoeuvrable and easily lifted, making emptying the robust bottle skips a simple task.

Produced from polyethylene plastic via rotational moulding, our moulded bottle skips are well equipped for busy and demanding environments. Their smooth one-piece, durable construction allows them to be easily cleaned as there are no awkward crevices to navigate and the plastic bottle trolleys can also be stacked to save space. Incorporating a tapered design, our bottle trolleys are able to nest within each other to a degree to help save on space, but they can also be separated easily due to a quick release feature.

Available from stock, we store a large number of our polyethylene bottle skips at our UK factory and warehouse, helping to provide quick and reliable service. Choose from 5 models, the MO1B, MO2B, MO3B, MO4B and MO5B to find a plastic bottle bin that meets your requirements.

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