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Steel Dollies

Fletcher European Containers supply a wide variety of steel dollies to suit many different storage and materials handling applications. From powder coated circular steel dollies to suit our range of tapered moulded bins, to stainless steel double dollies fitted with plastic inserts to handle plastic inter stacking bins. With our range of plastic stacking containers and ingredient storage bins being so comprehensive, we aim to make sure we provide a steel dolly to suit. Bespoke steel dollies can also be supplied in instances where we do not have the wheeled dolly you require.

Manufactured from incredibly strong and durable stainless steel and galvanised steel, our steel dollies are of an industrial quality and offer many environments a long lasting and resistant handling solution. Our range of wheeled dollies are ideal for industries such as food manufacturing and food processing, catering and hospitality, retail distribution and warehousing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, meat processing and the bakery industry, waste and recycling and many more. Produced from high grade stainless steel the steel dollies are easily maintained and cleaned, suitable for high care environments and for food handling applications.

Circular steel dollies

Our range of powder coated circular steel dollies are designed for securely handling stacks of tapered bins. A popular choice with the chip shop and fish frying trades, our range of tapered moulded bins are often known as potato chip bins and are frequently used for food handling and food storage. Also providing ideal storage and handling solutions for waste and recycling the tapered tubs can be lifted up off of the floor and easily manoeuvred using these steel dollies.

Starting with the rotoXD5 which is ideal for our 23 litre tapered moulded bins; and catering for many sizes up to the rotoXD35 which is a circular steel dolly for our 130 litre tapered tubs, we supply a vast range. A popular product for food handling and ingredient storage applications these steel dollies also allow you to fit drainage taps or bungs to the plastic tapered bins.

Stainless steel double dollies

To help with handling plastic inter stacking bins we supply a double dolly and a quad dolly. Designed for handling stacks of our own range of ingredient bins these steel dollies incorporate a stainless steel frame with polyethylene inserts. The food grade polyethylene inserts allow the steel dollies to handle the plastic inter stacking food ingredient bins and can be supplied in a huge range of food approved colours. The rotoXFDD is a stainless dolly capable of handling up to 2 stacks of the rotoX brand of ingredient storage bins and the rotoXFQD is able to handle up to 4 stacks.

Each of these stainless steel dollies is equipped with a welded on handle that allows them to be easily handled and helps the operator to keep good posture. Supplied as standard with 4 x 4 inch (100mm) swivel castors with polypropylene wheels, these steel dollies can be fitted with alternative castor configurations and stainless steel upgrades on request.

Stainless steel dollies

Alongside our standard steel dollies, Fletcher European Containers also produce bespoke stainless steel dollies to assist in the handling of many different plastic stacking containers and plastic boxes. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel the RM30DYSS dollies provide a reliable and robust solution for many industrial handling applications and can be produced to any specification to suit any sized or type of plastic containers. For more information on these bespoke stainless steel dollies please feel free to contact our sales team who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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