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At Fletcher European we manufacture a wide range of plastic dollies, powder coated, galvanised and stainless steel dollies. Search through the products listed below to find the ideal plastic dolly to suit your intended application. Our plastic dollies have been designed and developed to securely handle stacks of Maxinest crates, European stacking containers, confectionery trays, bread baskets, harvesting crates, plastic inter-stacking bins and tapered tubs (chip bins).

All of our plastic dollies incorporate a fully hygienic design with no crevices, making them incredibly easy to clean and extremely well suited for environments where hygiene levels are required to be at their very best such as within the pharmaceutical industry.

Each and every one of our plastic dollies are produced using food grade certified plastic and are available in a huge variety of different colours, enabling you to choose a plastic dolly that will seamlessly fit into any colour coded practices you may have in place. The huge array of colours make these plastic dollies perfect for the likes of the catering and retail industries.

Within our rotoX range of plastic products we provide a large number of plastic dollies, all of which are perfectly designed to cater for different types of trays, bins, baskets or containers.

The rotoXD90 plastic dolly offers an exemplary means of handling stacks of stack/nest trays (Maxinest crates) such as our bale arm baskets, SN190. Ideal for stack and nest containers sized 600 x 400mm they allow the bale arm crates to drop into them, creating a secure stack.

rotoXD91 plastic dollies have been designed to hold stacks of euro stacking containers. Safely and securely ferry large stacks of euro stackers sized 600 x 400mm, such as our 2A021 stacking container about a busy factory.

The rotoXD38 is a plastic dolly that is perfect for confectionery trays and bakery trays alike. Ideal for our 30184A bakery trays as an example, these ultra hygienic plastic dollies work wonders within bakeries and delicatessans.

Our rotoXD50 plastic double dollies are fantastic ways of easily manoeuvring up to 2 stacks of 600 x 400mm stack/nest trays or Maxinest containers. Hard wearing and durable they’re perfect for large quantities of bale arm crates.

The new heavy duty rotoXD54 plastic dollies offer an amazing solution for handling large numbers of stacking trays and stacking containers. Available with a quick-release handle these plastic dollies are incredibly versatile, incorporating an in-step design that can cater for a multitude of different types of stack/nest and stacking containers.

Need a plastic dolly to suit stacking bins? The rotoXDSB is designed to inter work with our very own range of plastic inter-stacking bins. Perfect for storing and handling ingredients, these plastic dollies make light work of shuttling stacks of ingredients bins about the factory floor.

The rotoXDTB, produced to provide a solution for handling and transporting plastic tapered bins, such as those popular within the fish frying trade. Designed to hold our rotoXB20, rotoXB25, rotoXB28 and the rotoXB30 tapered bins (often called chip bins or potato tubs) these plastic dollies are proven to be long lasting and reliable.

With so many options of plastic dollies available you are sure to find the perfect solution to suit your intended application, but if not, we can also manufacture powder coated, galvanised and stainless steel dollies to any size requirement. When you think quality, think Fletcher European. Think rotoX.

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