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Euro Stacking Containers

Euro stacking containers come in a variety of styles and sizes, yet all of them share a common standard european footprint, making them ideal for import and export, product and material handling and for many different applications within the food manufacturing, logistics, general manufacturing, engineering and pharmaceutical industries to name a few. Fletcher European offer an expansive range of Euro stacking containers, varying from solid euro stackers and ventilated stacking boxes to our own unique assortment of HYGIBOX stacking containers.

A common trait throughout the range of european stacking containers is the standard, 600 x 400mm and 400 x 300mm sizes. The euro stackers all have varying depths, allowing them to be used for a host of different applications within food manufacturing, catering and pharmaceutical establishments, yet their shared length and width dimensions are what makes them key to industries that operate on the continent.

Our entire range of euro stacking containers are produced using food grade plastic materials and are designed to be as hygienic as possible, making light work of cleaning tasks. To complement our wealth of european stacking containers we also provide several plastic dollies to suit, allowing easy and efficient handling of large stacks of containers.

The Hygibox range of stacking containers is exclusive to Fletcher European. Designed and developed by ourselves, we have engineered these hygienic storage containers to provide the food and pharmaceutical industries with a stacking box that is perfect for use within hygiene sensitive environments. The Hygibox has a dirt trap and crevice free design, which enables them to be effortlessly cleaned. Perfect for storing or handling high risk products, such as meat, fish and poultry the Hygibox range is available in a huge variety of colours, allowing for efficient colour coding and product separation.

With a standard euro size of 400 x 300mm we have a selection of euro stacking containers that are all compatible with our rotoXD91 plastic dollies, when placed in two side by side stacks. Both the 21020 and the 21030 stacking containers are prime examples. Suitable for food contact applications, for use as meat trays, fish tubs or ingredient storage for example, these food grade plastic containers are easy to handle and incredibly hygienic.

Continuing the range of euro stackers, we have a variety of food containers that are ideal for use in pharmaceutical applications as well as food manufacturing. Perfect for storing ingredients or sensitive products and cosmetics, these stacking containers are all compatible with our rotoXD91 single plastic dolly as well as our rotoXD52 solid deck double plastic dollies. Falling into this category are the following 600 x 400mm containers; the 21008, 21013, 21014, 20016, 20028, 20029, 21033 and the 06032. The possible uses for these types of plastic containers is endless, including the likes of product storage, distribution and within the general manufacturing and logistics industries.

The 2A021, 2A022, 2A044 and 2A045 continue our expansive assortment of european sized stacking containers. These plastic trays also have a standard size of 600 x 400mm and like the list above they are supplied in both solid and perforated formats. The solid versions of the euro stackers make for excellent handling and distribution containers, whereas the perforated options allow for efficient produce preparation and drainage applications, such as preparation of vegetables, lettuce, fish and so on.

Commonly used throughout the food industry, within food manufacturing plants as meat trays, the UB903 along with its different sized like for like containers provide hygienic stacking boxes that incorporate smooth and rounded corners, easy for cleaning. The UB904, UB905 and UB906 bulk boxes are all available in a selection of different colours, allowing for product identification, separation and colour coding practices to be easily adhered.

To complete the expansive range of containers, we include a selection of 800 x 600mm sized euro stackers. These include the 21135, 21136, 21163, 21162, 21090 and 21091. Providing larger capacities for materials handling and product distribution these bulk boxes are all equipped with easy to use handles and are compatible with our rotoXD40 hygienic plastic dollies.

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