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Plastic Containers

In this category we offer a wide range of plastic containers ideal for many different types of application.  So whether you are looking for containers for general factory storage or a crate for product distribution, you will be able to find what you need.  For easy navigation we have split our options into the following categories:

Euro Stacking Containers

Produced to a standard European size, Euro stacking containers are a popular choice across many different industries.  The industrial design means they can stand up well to frequent use even in demanding environments.  Our range is made up of different sizes, including versions with perforations to offer air flow and drainage.  To complement the range we offer lids and wheeled dollies to suit the complete range.

Hygienic Storage Containers

Our ranges of hygienic storage containers are ideal for use in environments where hygiene is important.  These containers have been designed to be easy to clean, offering simple designs free of crevices and dirt traps.  Included in this range is our unique Hygibox range, our ultra-hygienic and durable stacking containers that can be supplied in a wide range of different colours.  This range of containers is made up of different sizes and styles, many of which a commonly used across the UK food industry. 

Stack & Nest Containers

We offer solid and ventilated sided stack nest containers, catering for a range of industries for use internally or for distribution applications.  The benefit of all of the stack / nest containers is the ability for them to pack down, nesting together when not in use to take up minimal space.  We supply two main types, 180 degree stack nesters that feature clever 180-degree stack nest compatibility.  The boxes stack or next depending on which way round they are located.  They feature strong, ergonomically handgrip, which gives a firm grip when moving the stack containers.  The second type are bale arm crates, often seen in supermarkets in the vegetable aisles, they feature a plastic bale are that can be folded in or out to stack or nest. 

Bakery Trays & Bread Baskets

As the name suggests, this range of products were developed for use in bakeries for storage and distribution of baked goods and confectionary.  Today they are used across the wider food industry, thanks to their easy to handle designs produced from food grade material.  Choose from a range of styles and sizes to find the best option for your application. 

Tote Boxes

Our ranges of tote boxes are designed for storage and distribution applications.  The robust plastic construction is designed for repeated use so is able to withstand the rigours of distribution or production applications.  Tote boxes all feature an attached hinged lid that securely closes, keeping contents safe and secure.  When empty the boxes can be nested together to save valuable space.       

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