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Attached Lid Containers

Used widely across a plethora of different industries tote boxes, or as they are also known, plastic containers, plastic crates, croc boxes (due to their inter-locking teeth) or attached lid containers, provide fantastic storage and handling solutions for use in a never ending list of industries. Produced from hard wearing plastic our range of toteboxes are frequently used for distribution, event organising, general storage, product handling and removal applications.

Exhibiting a wealth of plastic containers and plastic crates Fletcher European aims to provide industries such as imports and exports, distribution, food manufacturing, removals and many more with an effective piece of storage and handling equipment. The space saving benefits of the tote boxes amplify their worth, especially within storage and distribution applications. Whilst in use, the attached lid containers can be stacked on top of one another, yet once emptied, they can nested inside one another to save up to 75% of the space. Perfect for when space is limited!

Security is also a main trait of the attached lid container range that we supply. The plastic boxes harness incredibly strong hinges, preventing the lid from being removed whilst the containers are sealed. Each size of tote box can be supplied with additional security or tamper evident seals, making them ideal for transporting products or materials of some value, such as meats or produce within the food industry. The tote boxes can also be printed onto, displaying company details or content information if required, on either the sides, ends or lid of the containers. For more information on printing and labelling services, please call our expert team today.

Many of our attached lid plastic container range are compatible with the rotoX plastic dollies, exclusive to Fletcher European. The rotoXD90 plastic dolly is compatible with the 10020 and 10025 tote boxes, when two stack are placed side by side. Our AT432204, 10040, AT642604, FE643AL, 1005B, 1006B and the AT644004 are also compatible with these plastic dollies, in single stacks providing excellent handling and manoeuvrability. The larger 10083 plastic crates are suitable for use with the rotoXD74 skates, due to their non-standard size.

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