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Plastic Stacking Bins

The rotoX range of stackable storage bins are perfect for use within industrial applications. Simple by design yet extremely versatile by nature, this selection of plastic stacking tubs are both hard wearing and hygienic. Produced from food grade plastic each of the four sizes of plastic stacking bins is available in a vast number of different colours, allowing you to adhere to any colour coding systems you have in place. This array of available colours also allows for ideal product separation and identification, ideal for high risk environments within food manufacturing when handling products such as meat or fish.

Each of these plastic tubs carries an identical base diameter which enables them to all inter-work with one another. Their ability to inter-stack makes the plastic stacking tubs an ideal space saving solution where storage space is critical as well as making them incredibly easy to handle and transport about a busy, highly trafficked working environment.

All 4 plastic stacking bins incorporate a seamless and smooth construction, allowing them to be straight forwardly cleaned. The ingredient bins are crevice free, meaning there are no awkward dirt traps for you to navigate when cleaning, resulting in a very hygienic set of food bins. Their inter-stacking feature, coinsiding with their impeccablly hygienic design is what makes these inter-stacking bins perfect for use within the food manufacturing, catering and pharmaceutical industries.

The rotoXT01 and rotoXT02 are both compatible with our selection of internal dividers, allowing you to further segregate contents or ingredients within the stackable storage bins themselves, perfect for food manufacturing applications. The internal dividers are also produced from the same food grade plastic as the plastic stacking bins themselves so they are well suited for food contact applications.

Each of the four different sizes of plastic tubs, including the rotoXT01, rotoXT02, rotoXT03 and the rotoXT04 can be modified to include a tag slot. These tag slots are an ideal way of further helping operators to identify the contents of the plastic stacking tubs.

Due to their identical diameter measurements all of the plastic bins in this range are compatible with the plastic dollies displayed below. Including the rotoXDSB, the double dolly rotoXFDD and the quad dolly rotoXFQD the inter-stackable plastic tubs can be stacked in numbers and effortlessly ferried about the workplace. Produced from food grade plastic itself and incorporating its own crevice free and hygienic design, the rotoXDSB is perfect for use in hygiene sensitive environments.

The compatibility of each of the plastic stacking tubs with the correlating plastic dollies also allows for further modifications to be made. With two different sized stackable storage bins, for example the rotoXT01 and rotoXT02 along with the rotoXDSB plastic dolly, we can produce hygienic mobile sieving units, by installing a sieve into the base of one of the stacking bins.

The rotoX stacking bins collection is durable and versatile, lending itself to a host of industrial applications, most notably within food production and food manufacturing as meat tubs, fish tubs or food ingredient bins. Easy to clean and available in a plethora of colours, customisable and inter-workable, these stackable storage bins are just what you are looking for.

Think stacking bins, think Fletcher European. Think rotoX.

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