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Pallet & Pallet Boxes

Safe bulk handling is essential for many businesses, at Fletcher European we offer a range of solutions including plastic pallet boxes, pallets and bunded storage options.  

Plastic Pallet Boxes

Plastic pallet boxes are used across many industries for bulk handling and distribution.  Our range is made up of a range of different options, each with their own unique quality.  Choose from a selection of different sizes and styles, with both perforated or solid sides and base.  Pallet boxes can be supplied with or without runners / skids, required if you plan to tip the box on a fork lift or store in pallet racking.  For food handling applications we offer a range of robust pallet boxes that can be supplied in a choice of colours. 

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are essential to food production and high care facilities where the use of wooden pallets is not permitted. Plastic pallets are easy to clean and offer firm weight loading capacities.  We offer a range of styles for use in different applications, from light duty export pallets to heavy duty hygienic pallets.  Our hygienic pallets are also available in a choice of colours enabling colour coding. 

IBC Bunds & Bunded Pallets

When handling hazardous substances and liquids it is important to have the correct equipment to ensure safe storage.  We offer a range of spill control solutions that are designed to store containers of liquids and catch any spillages that might occur.  We offer a variety of styles and sizes from IBC bunds to general bunded platforms. 

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