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Plastic Lockers

Plastic lockers are becoming ever more popular due to their robust and hygienic nature. Ideal for use as school lockers, gym lockers, sports lockers and workplace lockers, our range of plastic storage lockers are well suited for use within an endless number of industries and environments. To prove that our Supertuff plastic lockers are well equipped for use within a plethora of environments we had them tested and they have been certified to BS EN 16121: 2013 for safety, strength, durability and stability.

Hygiene is of an ever-growing importance within many industries, such as food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and within the likes of laboratories, changing rooms and chemical manufacturers. Our hygienic plastic lockers offer an exemplary alternative to standard storage lockers, as they are constructed completely from a food grade certified polyethylene plastic. Produced solely from plastic, these Supertuff plastic lockers can be easily washed or hosed down without any fear of rust, corrosion or wear and tear.

Security is also a main concern when storing your personnel belongings within a locker. Thankfully our Supertuff plastic lockers are all incredibly secure, exhibiting a structural strength that is nigh unbreakable and an inventive locking mechanism that makes them virtually vandalism proof.

A popular choice within schools, leisure centres and public areas our plastic storage lockers are available in 3 different sizes, a small, a medium and a large. The Supertuff plastic lockers are all designed to inter-work with one another, so you can arrange them to your own requirements, helping to create a storage solution that fits your available space. The small plastic lockers LK01 are ideal for schools as they provide a safe and secure storage space that has no sharp edges, ideal for young children, and they can also fit into tight spaces. They have even been certified to BS EN 16121: 2013 standards for safety, strength, durability and stability.

Proven to be a popular choice within hotels, leisure centres, changing rooms and gyms our vandal resistant medium and large plastic lockers, LK02 and LK03 can be supplied with a choice of different lock options. With key lock, swivel catch lock and coin return lock options available, in both standard and harsh environment formats, you are sure to find the right combination to meet your requirements.

The selection of plastic lockers is available in a plethora of different colours, able to suit any colour coded or colour scheme requirements you may have. All our Supertuff plastic lockers are also available with numerous optional extras such as plastic sloping tops, to prevent the build-up of litter and locker stands, helping to raise the plastic storage lockers off the floor.

Think Plastic Lockers, think Fletcher European.

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