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Ingredient Storage Systems

Having the correct systems in place for the storage of ingredients is vital; our range consists of a number of different systems offering a great choice of different options. The containers and systems in this category were all designed for the storage of ingredients, however today are used in many different applications across different industries.

Ingredient Dispensers

Our large range of ingredient dispensers includes single containers or complete units with multiple storage bins on purpose built frames or chassis'.  Our popular mobile ingredients bins are free standing with castors allowing easy manoeuvrability to and from point of use.  Our table top ingredients bins are available in a choice of sizes and the boot shaped design enables filling from the top and dispensing from the bottom, ensuring ingredients stored is rotated.  These are also available as part of our larger ingredients storage systems, made up of high quality stainless steel frames complete with boxes or containers.

Sieve Units

Our range of sieve units provides some simple sieving solutions for food production requirements.  Choose from plastic or stainless steel rims, all supplied with stainless steel mesh.  We are also able to offer bespoke sieves that can be made to suit any bin or container in our range.  Contact us for more details.  

Bowls & Bowl Stands

We offer two types of bowls, stainless steel and plastic. The stainless steel bowls are made from tough steel that does to rust, whereas the plastic bowls are food grade approved and lightweight making them easy to move around.  We offer stainless steel mobile frames to support our bowls at a comfortable working height.

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